Have More Money: the Empress and the Green Man

Have More Money: the Empress and the Green Man

Have more money: the Empress rules with peace, prosperity and power. She has enough because she is enough. Image found on Wikimedia Commons; the .

Have More Money

If you need or want more money, now’s a good time to work on it. It’s quite an abundant time, right around Harvest. And it’s a relatively quiet time. Chances are you have more free time because we are in that in-between time, not yet Fall, still a bit Summer. Here’s an easy, fun–even joyful!–way to work on your prosperity and abundance, however you define them.

Meet the Empress and the Green Man

Everyone has positive money traits. Everyone can build on and increase them. One way to do this is the way people have done for centuries, using symbols of fertility and abundance. The Empress, who rules over this post and much of my work-life, and whose image is  before me on my office wall as I type this, is a symbol of legitimate, balanced, feminine power, and prosperity. She has nothing she should not have, she wants nothing she does not have, and she knows she has it all. We–women and men–do well to think of her.

Men and women also do well to get to know the Green Man, a trans-cultural god who incarnates fertility within the male principle and is often a consort or son of the Goddess. Here is just one of many beautiful examples found on Wikimedia Commons. As a wordy person myself, I particularly like the abundance coming out of his mouth, which I associate with earning and raising money through authentic self-expression.

Carving of the Green Man, a male fertility symbol--a man with leaves and flowers coming out of his mouth and birds in his leafy hair, at the top of a pillar in an English church.

Image: Sculpture of the Green Man at Sutton Benger Church, photograph taken by Tristan Forward, uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by the wonderful geograph.uk

Replacing Those Images in Your Head

The importance of focusing on the right energies when you want more money can not be over- emphasized. You may feel I make too much of mere imagery–but think a minute:

What images are already in your mind?

when it comes to

  • money
  • abundance
  • prosperity
  • riches
  • wealth?

Chances are they are mostly male, and not very nice. My guess is you secretly think you have to be a Tyrant to have enough money to count. Isn’t it time for some new imagery?

The Empress and the Green Man Don’t Care What Sex You Are

If your idea of abundance is female, and you identify as female, go for the Empress. Cultivate her regal inner power, self-sufficient calm, and gentle grace. Enjoy yourself. Dive deep into the feminine especially when you feel most panicked or scared or up against a wall. Take a break at those times and promise yourself you’ll try this imagery therapy.

I did this recently when I needed to find my way out of a fundraising impasse and the impasse literally disappeared. It had been an entire figment of my imagination–and it looked so real.

If your idea of abundance is male, and you identify as male, go for the Green Man. Cultivate his lush, leafy, love of life, the feminine, and procreation. He will give you ideas. Try some of them!

If, on the other hand, your idea of abundance is female and you identify as male, or your idea of abundance is male and you identify as female–you have a problem, right?

Not so! Just take one Empress or Green Man, depending on which you need most, and email me in the morning. No one cares what sex you are, least of all the Empress or the Green Man. It’s all good to them as long as it is loving, flowing, respectful, and authentic abundance. And if you identify as mixed, you have it made. Others: cultivate your inner androgyne. The female and the male principle are each full of abundance.

Heal Your Mind and Your Money

Replace those awful images of money in your head with ones of real juiciness and wealth. Try it the next time you need to juice your ideas, your thinking, or your bank account! Let me know how it works for you after you keep it up for a while. Remember: you’ve spent years absorbing those other images. The Empress and the Green Man may need time to give them a run for their money.

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  • Julie
    Posted at 03:17h, 11 August Reply

    “She has nothing she should not have, she wants nothing she does not have, and she knows she has it all.”
    What a powerful line, like a calming antidote for me to the soulless, empty consumerism that our culture is soaked in.
    I have been slowly shedding “stuff,” making way for more of what matters most; these thoughts give me support and inspiration.
    Now to find my Empress image…
    Thank you, Beth.

    • Beth
      Posted at 14:39h, 11 August Reply

      Wow. Thank you, Julie!

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