Co-Creative Manifestation: The Sweet Spot Between Abdication and Manipulation

Co-Creative Manifestation: The Sweet Spot Between Abdication and Manipulation

Co-creative manifestation begins at the sweet spot between abdicating our power and manipulating our power. Image: Luis Eusebio.

Co-creative manifestation is non-manipulative

We all love to manifest. We love it when we get what we want in this world.

Manifestation is a natural thing. It’s almost inevitable. It’s just how things work–it’s how the relationship between idea and form works.

But it is possible for us to abuse that relationship. Here’s how to avoid that.

Quick review: how manifestation works

      1. We have an idea of something we want.
      2. Poof! We get what we wanted. Manifestation.

Having the idea helped bring it to us but that wasn’t the only thing that brought it.

There was a collaboration between our idea and the thing.

There has to be collaboration between the world of ideas and the world of form in order for manifestation to occur.

We know this because every single idea in our heads does not manifest–and what a good thing that is because where would we put everything if it did?

Manifestation = collaboration between the world of ideas + the world of form

We can

      • abuse this collaboration
      • abdicate from our appropriate part in it, or
      • collaborate consciously and ethically.

This post teaches you how to do that last thing.


Whether we want money, or a job, or a best friend or partner, or a new car, we are asking for changes in the physical, 3-D, material world of form. There is a collaboration taking place–we ask, and chances are, we receive. (There are many ways to improve our chances; here’s a post about that.)

We have a lot of power in this process. Sometimes we underestimate it. Sometimes we overestimate it, or worry about having too much.

My point in writing this post is to help you find your sweet spot, the balance point where you are in ethical, conscious, collaborative relationship with the world of form when you manifest.

And I have to thank my soul-colleague C for inspiring this post.

Now let’s move into how we use our power: abdication, manipulation, and that “sweet spot.”

We humans are physical, 3-D beings–and much, much more

We humans live, breathe, and have our being in the material realm and in non-material realms. We are pretty amazing beings, and it’s good to step back, take a breath, and remember that as you read this post (as well as the rest of the time).

When we human seek to manifest something, we automatically create a bridge between the worlds of form and ideas.

The point of this post is to help that become less automatic, less taken for granted, and more grateful, conscious, ethical, and collaborative. Which also makes it the right kind of more powerful and beneficial to all beings and not just us.

Now that you understand how much power you have, and how much power you are putting to work for you when you ask for something, it’s time for us to explore abdication and manipulation of that power.


Abdication is what a ruler does when they step down from the throne. It’s a refusal to exercise power. We have power in manifestation. But we can refuse:

    • to ask for what we want
    • to see or claim our power
    • to allow it to flow fully.
When we seek to manifest, we have a job to do.

So another way we can abdicate is to refuse to do our part.

When we seek to manifest, it’s not only the world of form that needs to hop to it! Say we want a job. We must focus our energies on our part of getting that job. This takes doing stuff out in the world. Seek out and schedule informational interviews with people who hold jobs like the one we want. Tell everyone and post widely about the job we are seeking. Use our networks. Overcome our fears of not deserving. Remove inner obstacles to receiving the job.

It’s like the joke about G-d and the lottery ticket. During their lifetime, the human asks G-d to win the lottery over and over. But the human never wins. When they get to Heaven, they complain about this. To G-d. G-d replies that it would have worked a whole lot better had they bought a lottery ticket.

When we seek to manifest, we need to buy that ticket.

If we don’t do our part in the 3-D world as the 3-D beings we are not limited to being but also are, we are abdicating. Abdicating our role, and our power, and the part of the collab that is our job. Abdication is one way to be out of balance in co-creative manifestation.


Manipulation is the other way to be out of balance in co-creative manifestation.

Beyond what I’ve outlined as our part of the collab (asking and then taking appropriate action like buying the lottery ticket–for example, creating the conditions for our new job inwardly and outwardly), there is more we can do but should not do. We can obsess, seek to control, hyperfocus, and generally irritate everyone around us, seen and unseen. We can talk nonstop to the world of form about what we want over and over through prayer, visualization, meditation, affirmations, intention-setting, etc. In fact, some schools of manifestation encourage this. I find it manipulative of the power we have. I also find this irritation of self, other, and Universe a waste of time. (Yes, I think we can irritate the Universe.)

The world of form has got it. It has heard our request and is doing its job.

Asking over and over and over and over demonstrates lack of trust in the process. It is a way of saying to the world of form, “I don’t really believe you’ll show up for me.” It’s taking the reins of a horse we have no idea how to direct–and taking them away from the folks who do.

Magic that is non-manipulative starts with clarifying the Self

Trust in the world of form! Ask, and let it come; here is my post on that. Focus on something else–i.e., your part in making it happen.

Manifestation is basically magic. The physical world is manifestation magic. That the physical world exists for us to play and learn in, die and starve in, celebrate, make love, and be born in, is strange and wonderful.

When we manifest, we participate in magic. There is manipulative magic and non-manipulative magic. If you would like to go far beyond the Law of Attraction as commonly understood, think deeply about this. Here is where I’d begin:

Magic that is non-manipulative starts with clarifying the Self.
It progresses cleansing and removing obstacles until the state we desire is reached.
Once you ask, everything that happens is an answer to your asking.

This is the full Law of Attraction. It’s why I do believe manifestation works in the simple, two-step way I describe at the start of this post. We just don’t always recognize it, or like it. But when we reject what we’ve manifested, we reject a very powerful lesson in our Divine Curriculum. One we will just have to learn some other way, probably as soon as possible on the divine timescale. Which might be a very long time to get the chance to learn again on the human timescale. So we should go for it, and embrace what we get. Again: once we ask, everything that happens is an answer to our asking.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t just work when we get stuff we like. It works all the time.

Ethical, Conscious, Collaborative, Co-Creative Manifestation

My understanding of manifestation and the importance of collaborating with the world of form is very much thanks to these good folks (who are not in any way responsible for this post). Thanks also to them and to Buddhism, I now include “for the benefit of all beings” when I ask for something I want. I am concerned that getting what I want not harm other beings. I trust that if I include this in my ask and don’t try to control what I get, but ask sincerely and do my part, I will not only get the thing I want, but the world I want.

There are many other ways to include ethical considerations in your manifestation. Try not to control outcomes if you want to go beyond the Law of Attraction as commonly understood. But express your desire for others’ benefit when you go after what you want clearly and genuinely. Express caring. Bless the Universe with your wanting.

Manifestation that is non-manipulative is consciously collaborative. Asking for anything in the material world means collaborating,whether we are conscious of it or not, willing to acknowledge it or not.

Let’s be conscious, willing to acknowledge it, to do our parts, and grateful.
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