Building the Beloved Community: How RAISING CLARITY Exists and Why

Building the Beloved Community: How RAISING CLARITY Exists and Why

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Building the Beloved Community: How RAISING CLARITY exists and why. This text comes from a fellowship proposal I wrote recently. I commit myself to it by sharing it with you publicly, and open myself to your comments. I have your back and I know you have mine. Image: Vonecia Carswell, on Unsplash.

Building the Beloved Community

Growing the clarity of people and organizations building the Beloved Community as a stronger foundation for growing their resources has been core to RAISING CLARITY since it began 10 years ago. Currently, our positioning line is “the time and money you need for your calling,” which reflects a focus on calling as the guiding star of people’s lives too often left out of their thinking, planning, and life goals. Yet calling is within reach of everyone, and is given to everyone, if we learn how to listen to it and use my easy ways to follow it. It moves us forward more powerfully than any “canned,” pre-existing “wisdom,” advice, or popular dogma toward our best selves, if we trust it.

My core service is coaching–executive coaching, life coaching, money coaching (in which I’m certified by the Money Coaching Institute), time-sculpting coaching, mindfulness coaching, spiritual companioning coaching. I use traditional coaching methods as well as non-traditional methods such as in-the-moment, custom-guided meditation to guide and gently goad my clients into their best and bravest selves. I also draw on their individual, diverse spiritual, professional, disciplinary, and family/ancestral backgrounds. I’ve been doing aspects of this work for decades prior to RAISING CLARITY with people I call “soul-colleagues” because although they go in and out of being clients over the years, we are building together a calling-centered block of the Beloved Community and I consider myself a Beloved Community organizer first and foremost, a coach and organizational consultant secondarily, by training and methodology.


RAISING CLARITY solves the problem of meaninglessness currently experienced as dead-ends, despair, and cynicism among people across age, class, education, income, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, faith, trauma history, and family/ancestry. RAISING CLARITY exists within capitalism, but critiques it as a potent source of contemporary despair while simultaneously existing within both the long-game alternative (the Beloved Community) and shorter-term, “right now” solutions which restore meaning’s centrality and put tools back into people’s hands who have been deskilled at their own Beloved Community organizing by a variety of factors including affluence, social media abuse, exploitation, exploiting others, and misdirection of resources (eg, time, energy, focus, love, devotion, discipline, passion) innate in each person.

…and Why

Solutions to a problem emerge from clarity about the problem. My own spiritual, professional, disciplinary, and family/ancestral background, including deep trauma, have both goaded and guided me to heal using the tools of the researcher, writer, thinker, coach and consultant I possess. It turns out these are the right tools for many, and of course not all, people suffering a crisis of meaning and calling at points especially of success in their lives.

Success is often the trigger for initiating work with me, because success suggests a trajectory, more of the same–and once someone experiences success along a trajectory, they often relax a bit and step back. And realize the trajectory either needs serious tweaking, or to be thrown out completely because it does not in fact represent their highest aims which they now have a stronger suspicion they are capable of achieving, due to their present success. The tools I use, and RAISING CLARITY’s approach as a whole center self-observation and self-realization as a path to clarity, with my time-sculpting and money coaching and fundraising tools then coming in under their new clarity to build an even stronger foundation for inner-directed change that impacts both the inner and the outer.

PS: I recently published a “trust poll,” asking about what builds your trust in me, what gets in the way, and why you trust me and trust in general. To take the poll, click here.

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