Yes, Your Calling IS Real

Yes, Your Calling IS Real

person with hands gently touching face: am I real? your calling is real and so are you

Your calling is real and so are you. Here is what you are really worried about when you ask this question. Image: Good Faces, copyright-free on unsplash.

Your Calling is Real

Many people ask me if their calling is “real.” What they usually want to know is whether their calling counts. That’s like asking if you count.

The answer is: of course. Of course your calling is real. You count.

You were born with a calling, and it counts. (If you want the bottom line, it’s in the video at the end of this post.)

What It Really Means When You Ask This Question

What it really means when you ask if your calling is real is whether it matters if you follow it or not.

And I think it does. I think it matters a whole Heaven of a lot.

Following your calling means the difference between running around from tree to tree and barking up far too many of them vs. being willing to bark up that. one. tree.

You know: that one.

Woof, woof!

The one that scares you good. The one that moves you and tickles you in just the right way.

You know the one.

The Real Question

The real question is not whether your calling is real, or you are real, or whether it all matters.

Those are all externals. They are driven by your relationship to the world outside you.

The real question you are dodging when you focus outside yourself: do I trust myself?

What You’re Really Worried About

We like to worry we might be that one weird person G-d or the Universe or the Great Whomever just forgot to give a calling…

…but underneath, we worry much more that They remembered to give us a calling–and we “forgot” to follow it.

Our worry makes us spiral into ignoring it further. If we can ignore our calling, we can ignore our own worrying about it.

We know we are mortal. We know we only have so long to live and that our calling gives our life meaning. Yet we think that “forgetting” it allows us to avoid all of that.

The “Real” Deal

You are real and you count.

You have a calling. It counts.

It actually matters that you follow it.

Most likely, you already know what it is. You just don’t trust it.

Trusting it means trusting yourself.

You can learn to do both.

Watch this 7-minute video and find out how.

I work with calling. I help people follow their calling. My work with calling integrates everything I know about:

  • money and fundraising
  • time and time-“sculpting”

and makes them easy because I also know and teach the crucial importance of clear focus and a mindset that really serves you. To book a free time to talk with me about what I offer, click here. After you choose your time, wait a few extra seconds until you see the Application. It will help us both if you fill that out before we meet, just four questions.

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