“Work First” is a Sickness: It’s NOT Following Your Calling.

“Work First” is a Sickness: It’s NOT Following Your Calling.

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“Work first” is a sickness: it’s not following your calling. Tuning into your calling doesn’t just mean “working smarter not harder.” It means working gentler, working more intuitively, working kinder–to everyone. With more resources. Trust your instincts! (Dogs = the instinctual self in Jungian analysis). Photo by Kyle Hanson on Unsplash.

“Work First” is A Sickness: It’s Not Following Your Calling!

“Work First” is a Sickness. It’s NOT Following Your Calling.The relentless drive to put “work first” is a sickness. It has nothing to do with following your calling. Any confusion between them is just part of the sickness. Following your calling heals the sickness.

You might have noticed something new called “workism.” It’s really an old thing called “workaholism”–putting work ahead of everything else. That’s a sickness. Nothing to be proud of, nothing to pursue.

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Does this sign feel familiar? This is our culture’s message, day in, day out. Meaningless, irrational, unhelpful and constant. There is another way. There is another reality. You are there now. Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash.

Claiming Your Calling Heals Workism

“Workism” is workaholism (addiction to work) plus identifying yourself with your addiction to work. “Workists” get their identity from their work.

Healing addiction to work means recentering work in a context of wholeness.

Your calling is not your work. It might include your work. But it’s much more. It’s a very safe thing to identify with. Identifying with your calling means identifying with your wholeness. Your calling is your wholeness (divine) expressed in the physical world (human). It speaks to and through the wisest part of ourselves. It’s not hard to hear. You just have to listen. (That’s why it’s called a “calling.” Your calling is calling: listen!)

How Following Your Calling Heals Workaholism

Truly following your calling is an antidote to workaholism. You can’t be addicted to something that’s alive and talking right to you. Especially when it’s telling you to chill out and rest.

Addiction is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (That’s the definition of insanity, but it applies to addiction: by their nature, addictions are insane. Not uncommon. Just unhealthy, which is the etymology of “insane.” I am a recovering work addict; I heal through paying attention to my calling, which is  helping others find, follow, and fund (and fundraise for) their calling or cause. I also heal by exploring it in my writing.

When I created our intensive course, Claim Your Calling, I made sure to include guardrails around “work first.” I not only teach people how to tune into their calling. I teach people how to map their time. That’s the first stage in learning what we call “time-sculpting” here at RAISING CLARITY.

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Don’t be like this person:

Rumi said,*

Let the beauty we love be what we do; there are 100 ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Please contact me to find out more about Claim Your Calling, our intensive course in following your calling, right now, without sacrifice, while learning to master your time, money, focus, and mindset. Book a free with me about it right here.

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