The Mother of Abundance is Our First Mother

The Mother of Abundance is Our First Mother

a line drawing of an empress on a throne, grey with yellow hair and background and wheat sheaves at her feet; the Empress card in the Tarot

The Mother of Abundance is Our First Mother, and she looks to me like this–the Empress in the Tarot, her dress patterned with the symbol for woman and for Venus, wheat growing at her feet, flowering trees behind her, on her throne.

Who is Your Mother?

My relationship with my mother stank some of the time. Maybe you can relate. (Maybe not; I’d love to hear.)

It was also one of the most powerful relationships of my life. It remains a relationship that defines me–even though my mother died about a decade ago.

Why Does It Matter?

My relationship with my mother also shaped my relationship to

  • nourishment
  • enoughness
  • abundance
  • money
  • the Universe
  • other women
  • all my intimates.

I use the past tense: “shaped” my relationship to these things and people.

Healing One Helps Heal Two

I’ve been healing my relationship to my mother for personal reasons–and finding out how much it has shifted my relationship to so much at the heart of RAISING CLARITY.

What About You?

What is your relationship to your mother like? You already know if you have done moneycoaching with us how to heal your maternal lineage when it comes to money.

Have you thought about how your mother influenced what you expect, and what you “can’t” expect? What to hope for, and perhaps not to hope at all? How hard to work, and how martyred to be about it?

Sorry if I sound negative! There is indeed a sacredness to our mothers and our relationship to them that is revered the world over. But sometimes all that reverence can just get in the f***ing way.  That’s the “Bad Mommy” taboo. I learned just how deep it runs in this book that helped me so much!

I’d love to help you untangle this. There are some patterns I’m alive to that I want to help you see. If you prefer to work on your own, give that book a try. You can probably find it in your library system (ask your librarian if it’s not at your local branch), and it’s also available both new and used online.

Sometimes it is right to balance reverence with a deeper dose of reality–for your own healing. Which is central to your own life. And as we know, sometimes our own life is what got lost in our relationship to our mothers.

As We Approach Mother’s Day, Reflect

I invite you to think on these things for your own healing as we approach Mother’s Day. (I almost titled this post, “Wealth is a Mother!”) Let us honor our own mothers, and the Mother of All Abundance. It is ok to remember:

The Mother of Abundance is our first mother.

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