Peace with Money is a Gift Beyond Deserving

Peace with Money is a Gift Beyond Deserving

A red-orange nasturtium on a cornflower-blue tissue paper background.

Peace with money is a gift beyond deserving. Like this mysterious gift graced by Kathleen Tyler Conklin’s Nasturtium, on Flikr.

Peace with Money is a Gift Beyond Deserving

The title of this post is a play on words. If we want peace with money, we have to go beyond “deserving.”

is a gift beyond deserving:

  • Peace with money is a gift you can’t deserve, because “deserving” isn’t a real thing. (See below.)
  • Peace with money is our birthright.
  • And once you go beyond notions of deserving, you find peace with money.

What if we made peace with what we have–and what we want?

We would stop justifying ourselves and each other our dreams based on our financial circumstances.

And we could not justify poverty or hunger or unequal opportunity for others based on their “not deserving.”

The game is up.


What happens if we stop using the term “deserving?”

Recently, we shared a Gratitude Exploration. But deserving wasn’t addressed, although it keeps coming up for me as needing to be addressed. Hence, this post.

What does deserving even mean?

  • Who is deserving?
  • What does anyone deserve?
  • Do we all deserve the same things?
  • Why?
  • Why not?
  • What do you deserve?
  • Why? How do you know?
  • What do you have that you didn’t deserve?
  • Does that last question mean good things you have that you didn’t earn? Or bad things in your life that you feel you “don’t deserve”?
  • What does it mean to you?

Beyond Deserving

I am probing, exploring and questioning deserving because the whole notion is seriously problematic.

I don’t think deserving exists.

We made it up.

And we didn’t realize what we were doing when we made it up.

Deserving means there is the possibility of not deserving!

if someone is deserving for any reason we can name, we therefore would find someone else not deserving for that same reason.

Think about it.

“Deserving” is a gatekeeper, a warrant, justification to think badly or well of ourselves and others.

Unless we are “deserving” by virtue of being born. Then what we call “deserving” is simply birthright.

This is a false peace–with money or anything else we say we or anyone “deserves.”

What is Beyond Deserving?

Help me, readers:

Once you give up “deserving,” what do you get?

  • I get gratitude for what I have.
  • Gratitude is a key component of peace with resources! And “appreciation is a strategy for having more of what you want.”
  • I get awareness of what I have. I feel awe.
  • And I am no less excited about having more and figuring out how to have more of what I want! I just don’t “deserve” it. There’s a direct, cause-and-effect relationship between what I want and my going after it. I don’t worry whether or not I deserve it.
  • Does this mean I shed ethics? No way! I realize suddenly that I am the only one responsible for my getting and having in a way that’s ethical. No other justification will do. I don’t deserve any more than anyone else, or any less. It’s all and only about what I determine is right for me to have.

Whew! That’s powerful. What happens when you explore the gifts beyond deserving?

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  • Danielle Capillo
    Posted at 00:41h, 10 January Reply

    Thank you Beth,
    When I go beyond deserving I get to injustice in the world. I go to all the reasons some people have money and others don’t. Because I watched as my mom tried her hardest to get ahead financially I knew at a young age it wasn’t because she didn’t deserve it that she didn’t have money or that we didn’t as a result. When I go beyond deserving it drives me to help others and give my skills to causes that bring about justice for all.

    • Beth
      Posted at 15:42h, 10 January Reply

      Danielle, this is powerful for me. This confirms that giving up “deserving” is right. “Deserving” is a ruse, a shell game. Everyone is deserving and we are right to question who has and who doesn’t and “bring about justice for all” as you put it.

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