We Take the Leap with You

We Take the Leap with You

Two bottlenosed dolphins leap out of the water at Roatan Island in Honduras. 2000 Roatan, Honduras

We take the leap with you: Two bottlenosed dolphins leap out of the water at Roatan Island in Honduras, 2000. Image by Zest-pk uploaded to Flikr, accessed via Creative Commons Search.

We Take the Leap with You

Greetings! soul-colleagues, loyal readers, and interested onlookers,

Now Hear This:

My clients have shown that RAISING CLARITY works with issues beyond your flow of funds: RAISING CLARITY coaching is effective with our clients’ self-development; family and relationship flow; and money flow.

Today is my Leap Day telling in new words what we uniquely offer YOU:


uses your challenges

at work, with other people, in your personal wellbeing

to teach you our rational, contemplative, and shamanic tools so you

  1. know yourself and your awesome powers;
  2. experience abundance not only of money but of time;
  3. collaborate with wisdom’s gifts.
Most people start with looking at what’s wrong “out there.” But we contribute to our circumstances–and that we can change.
I start by taking the leap with you, teaching you my tools and practicing them with you. And then, you’re done. It’s not forever. It’s just long enough.

1. Know Yourself and Your Powers

One of my favorite ways to show clients their superpowers is in unique guided meditations created just for you. When this work is called for in a client session, I invite you to RAISING CLARITY’s spacious house in a parallel universe you enter with your mind. And you leave with gifts. Each trip is completely unique and utilizes my abundant psychic ability as well as cultivating  your own abundance in intuition!

Here, you can: find powers you thought you lost, reclaim parts of yourself you didn’t mean to give away, try out alternative scenarios and regain your place on the pathway to your unique abundance each time. Wise guides from every era and beyond time and space can meet you here if you are willing. The house acts as an amplifier; I find clients see, hear, sense much more here than in everyday life. And there is no belief system you need to have before it will work for you: you already have it. I’ve found intuition is simply a natural, human ability. In fact, I’ve helped many develop their own places to jump to in this type of meditation so they can use this intuitive “booster” anytime. For a fuller description, contact me, see this blog post, or explore my guided meditations, many of them free of charge, on this page which will show you my work in this vein. For testimonials, look here.

2. Experience Abundance

Another unusual aspect of RAISING CLARITY is my knowing you are perfect, healed, whole, and already have everything you seek. You would be surprised at how effective this is–unless you have worked with me before!

Taking this approach, I see quickly and clearly what looks like it is stuck in your way or stuck to you. I understand that it is not you. And once you understand that, you understand how to change things. The “it” that is not you includes the wounds you have experienced. We explore these together as part of the wisdom curriculum of your life.  Some wounds we have worked with are of

    • poverty or extreme, unpredictable highs and lows of wealth and poverty
    • racism, which harms people of color and whites in different ways, splitting us off from ourselves and each other; in whites, there is a specific pattern of “armoring” RAISING CLARITY gives safe space to explore so we can begin to speak our racist fears, thoughts, beliefs, and other foolishness in order to reclaim wholeness and become a safe space for others to reclaim theirs
    • sexual and physical violence
    • being old souls in young bodies
    • not being taken seriously because of the way we act, speak, think, dress, or come across to others.

You will be amazed at who you are vs. who you thought you were. You are already abundant! Stop hiding from yourself! and enjoy “peaceful progress with plenty of support,” as the last line of my very introductory video tells you.

3. Collaborate with Wisdom

Overall, RAISING CLARITY’s longest-lasting gift to you is that I teach you tools for thought. Get clarity–and obstacles become things you can do something about.  You gain focus. Then you redirect your energy and focus so they are productive. Things change; you change; and you own all my contemplative, rational and shamanic tools when you leave.

Many people have felt like they were going a million miles an hour and needed to pull off the highway to look at a map.

RAISING CLARITY clients take this as a sign to do just that.

You can change your thoughts and I can help you.

Book a free exploratory meeting with me now.

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