Thank Yous

Thank Yous


Thank-yous from Boy and Girl Scouts to Marines displayed in the hallway of an office building aboard Al Asad Air Base, Iraq.

Thank Yous

We received this handwritten thank-you card recently*:

Dear Beth,

Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your wisdom about fundraising and how it relates to spiritual practice. Everything you said makes a lot of sense and validates what I have been thinking. Thank you also for the validation you offered for my idea and what I want to do. Every “yes” inches me forward. Bringing these ideas into fruition truly is my spiritual practice now.

Thank you! For your time, wisdom and generosity.  May you be blessed with as much as you give.

What do I love about this thank-you?

    1. It’s prompt. And handwritten.  On a pretty card.  And sent through the mail.  To my non-obvious (but public) postal address.
    2. It’s kind. It’s sincere in its tone. And even beautifully written, which isn’t given to everyone.  The writer is a writer.
    3. It’s wise. The writer shares her own wisdom not just in adoring me and my help but in affirming her own  wisdom and guidance. She used RAISING CLARITY to affirm her best self and smarts.
    4. She articulates (better than I know how to sometimes, which is why I’m quoting her) that bringing forth what is within her is her spiritual practice. What is within her is her work, which is where we come in–manifesting that work with abundance.
    5. She blesses me: I love her last line and I accept it gratefully and publicly, before you.

I am so grateful for all the thank-yous I receive. In the past, I have not received them. I don’t mean you didn’t send them. I mean I did not receive them. NOW HEAR THIS, UNIVERSE (and my guides): I AM LISTENING!  THANK YOU!

*Reprinted with permission.

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