How to Apply for Anything (Step 2 of 3)

How to Apply for Anything (Step 2 of 3)


“Magic Lamp” minimization effect using beryl (step 2 out of 3). Image: Nicofo. 


(Hi! This is our second post this week on applying for an opportunity–fellowship, grant, consultancy, etc.)  For the first post, click here.

Step Two

  • if possible, interview a  relevant person at the source about the opportunity you’re applying for:
    • be honest about why you want to interview them; say you want what’s called an “informational interview” when you request the interview; it helps to put the other person at ease
    • set a time-limit (15-30 minutes should be way plenty) and end on time
    • thank them before, during and after the interview
  • interview a reliable third-party source of information about the opportunity (someone who has had it, for example):
    • follow all the same rules as above
    • avoid the temptation to ask compromising questions; you’ll hear plenty if you listen with an open mind asking yourself, “is this really right for me?”
  • question yourself: is this right for me or our organization right now? if so, how? list the ways. you’ll use them to make your proposal-writing much easier in the next and final step.
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  • Paula Marrone-Reese
    Posted at 20:41h, 23 April Reply

    Dear Beth,

    As Always I enjoy reading your post for self development, direction and peace! Lately the word “authenticity” is following me through life. When I think of authentic or authenticity my mind quickly moves to another closely related word “genuine”. In following this pattern of words; authenticity, authentic, and genuine my mind also shifts to the words honesty and openness. In your post you refer to being honest about why someone is wanting the interview. Then you close speaking of “listening with an open mind”. I want to continue to grow in these ways that you mention and appreciate your commitment to share your world with us. What a beautiful way to help readers like me have peace. Paula

    • Beth
      Posted at 20:43h, 24 April Reply

      Paula, What a treat to give me the mirroring I need to keep me brave, and the love that encourages me. _Thank you!_

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