How to Apply for Anything (Step 1 of 3)

How to Apply for Anything (Step 1 of 3)



“Magic Lamp” minimization effect using beryl (step 1 out of 3).  Image: Nicofo.

RAISING CLARITY was recently invited to apply for a consultancy.  (This means we received an “RFP,” if you are interested in the lingo–a “request for proposals.”)

With the hunch that our process would be helpful to your applying for all kinds of things–a grants, a job, a fellowship, your own consultancy, we thought we would write down our process for you.

This post gives you Step One.  Step Two is here.  Step Three follows this Friday.

Step One

  • find out more about the opportunity  (grant, job, fellowship, consultancy, or other competition), more information about
    • the source offering the opportunity
    • the opportunity itself
  • list why you are perfect for this opportunity and why you outstack the competition (see our example in Step Three, published this Friday)
    • note this means identifying why the source may find others more perfect than you
    • note it means getting honest about your strengths and others’ strengths
    • start making notes about how to communicate your awesome fit for this opportunity.  We’ll give your our list on Friday as an example.

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