Time-Sculpting 101, First Step

Time-Sculpting 101, First Step

In this post, RAISING CLARITY teaches you the first step in time-sculpting. Time-sculpting is

  • clarity about time as fluid and bendable,
  • clarity that the way we experience time is of our choosing, and
  • clarity that the way we live in time can become an art form.

As with money, clarity about time with the intention of creating abundance creates it.  The mere idea that we can sculpt time makes us wonder how we already experience time.

So my first questions in teaching you how to sculpt time:

how do you experience time?

do you experience time?


  • When are you aware of the flow of time?
  • When do you suddenly notice that a lot of time has passed?
  • When does it feel like time is passing you by?
  • Is it a pleasant feeling or frightening?

The specific answers to these questions aren’t what matter.  Learning to ask them matters.  Muslims are asked to pray five times per day.  True prayer demands attention.  Noticing how you experience time five times a day is a good goal.  Try this for one week.  Then come back to this series on time-sculpting.



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