It’s All Your Money: Fundraising and Non-Duality

It’s All Your Money: Fundraising and Non-Duality

It's all your money: fundraising and non-duality--oneness--go together in the oneness of the Universer in a beautiful dark sky illuminated by the Milky Way with river reflecting trees at the horizon

It’s all your money: fundraising and non-duality go together in a Universe that reflects our oneness if we let it. Image by Nate Rayfield on Unsplash.

It’s All Your Money

When you really understand and embody money flow, you realize this.

Fundraising can get scary. This can get you unstuck and into a position of confidence quickly.

Fundraising from a place of no duality–of oneness–is actionable wisdom.

Fundraising and Non-Duality

Next time you feel stuck fundraising, try remembering these things:

    1. No one is asking.
    2. No one is doing the planning.
    3. And no one is using the proceeds.

How could the work get done, if someone got in the way?

Nonduality means no us and them.

This makes fundraising easier.

PS: no, this is not a joke in honor of Tax Day!  Funny timing, though, isn’t it?

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