About Beth

Beth Gillian Raps, Ph.D.

I was born in 1960 and plan to live to 150, as that’s how we’re designed.

I’m gentle and fierce, practical and contemplative.

I combine intuitive and rational solutions to problems with equal comfort, choosing from an unusually wide toolbox that includes both money and time budgeting; guided meditations I forge and use in situ; money coaching; pitch creation; social-justice organizing; and deep ease as a published writer and professional editor of narratives for many different purposes. I’m bilingual and a published translator in French.

I go to museums, bathhouses, and teahouses for inspiration.

I love all the elements: water, air, earth, fire, tea. (Just kidding: the fifth element is the one that makes the others possible: space, ether, prakriti.)

Professional Highlights

I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector as a professional fundraiser since 1985. I founded my first grantsmaking institution at 26. Here are some articles I’ve published on fundraising.

I founded a nonprofit project promoting US national policy and best practices in adaptation to climate change in 2006.

I became certified in money coaching with individuals and organizations in 2009.

Here’s my CV.

And I’m very proud of our Testimonials, here.

For more about my work, click here.


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