What Would Make My Work More Useful to You?

What Would Make My Work More Useful to You?

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What Would Make My Work More Useful to You?

I recently realized some of my soul-colleagues and clients were unable to use my advice because of:

    • Information overload: taking in too much information (including mine) without a way/framework/foundation to integrate it.
    • Psychic overload: responding to advice or information with freakout, fear, avoidance, distress, dread, intepreting bad things happening, inability to move/act, reversion to old patterns, or by doubting one’s own path/progress/commitments.
    • Success/work overload: Many of my people experience success at what they do. This looks like having a lot of work and being too busy to use new information, guidance or advice (including mine).

My Work is Useless if You Can’t Use It

In each of these cases, my wisdom and good advice were useless. My work is useless unless you have

    • the time in your schedule to work with it
    • the self-trust to know what to take in of what I or anyone else offers, and what to leave behind
    • a solid, grounded understanding of your own life and where you’re taking it (so you know what to take in of what I or anyone else offers, and what not to).

But it’s on me to help you. You have the time, the self-trust, and grounded understanding. I know this.

Good Work ≠ Useable Work

This doesn’t mean my advice, guidance, information, etc. are no good.

Or that it won’t help or can’t help or isn’t excellent, high-quality, and high-integrity.

It is useless if people can’t make use of it in pretty short order.

My 1:1 Work is Useful: I Know What You Need

I have always sought to make work so meaningful and impactful that it immediately solved a problem just by being received/learned/absorbed.

This actually happens in paid sessions. What makes my work useful (actionable) in this setting? It’s that I know you well enough to know what you need and deliver it.

Making More Work That is More Useful

I want to do more useful work beyond paid individual sessions. This may sound funny: I like getting paid as much as a lot of people do, but I’m looking to serve more people than I can possibly coach regularly through my blogging, social media, courses, and books.

Learning Not Just What You Need But How You Need It

But I don’t know you well enough to know what you need outside our 1:1 session. You, my dearest reader–I don’t know your problems and how to shape my work to meet real needs of yours unless I’m using my psychic powers in our 1:1 work together.

I have not succeeded in making it so you can trust that if you take the time to read my words or watch my videos, you will get the help you came for.

There is something fundamental I am missing. I believe if I integrated it into my work, people would know they could trust my work to help them instantly. And they would of course make time to take it in. 

I’m not modest about saying: I want to make this change! I mean to be meaningful–and useful! I want to be like George Kao. He has the right words and solutions to the right problems I am having right now.

 Maybe the problems I address in my work are too removed from my your life. 

But maybe, more importantly, the solutions I come up with take too long to even understand, much less work with, much less implement. There is no quick reward. There is a diminishing return in the short-term and mid-term and most of us don’t work for the long-term.

I can see how to “stagger” my writing or videos so that there is an instant rush of usefulness–followed by a deeper usefulness, all in the same piece.  That’s as much as I’ve figured out so far.

Not Trying to Be Useful to Everyone

Now mark my words: for some folks not in my immediate neighborhood of the Beloved Community, my advice may not be actionable. That’s ok. It may be interesting, thought-provoking, inspiring—without inspiring them to work or interact with me in an email, post, video, session, or class. That’s just fine. Those folks are not who I’m making work for.

My Action Plan

The most important things I know to do about this:

    • the process, including this one, of discovering, crestfallen, that some of my people are sometimes (often) unable to use what I offer.
    • their innate wisdom and higher Self to guide them in what they need and getting it, no matter who it comes from.
    • your innate wisdom and higher Self and mine to find a way to help me make my work more useful.
      • Which is what is going on right now.
    • Stagger my work to provide an instant “rush” of usefulness–followed by a deeper usefulness.
    • Keep these burning issues top of mind.
    • Design my work to be useful.
    • What will make it useful? Find out!
What would make my work more useful to you?
I hope you may tell me more in a comment to this post, or using my contact form or in an email: [email protected]
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