How to Structure Abundance

How to Structure Abundance

sunlight passing through green leaves of a tree with pale branches extending into enormous roots

Here is how to structure abundance. Abundance is an idea in our minds and a tangible outcome of a pathway we design to it. In nature, examples abound (pun intended): look at this tree, or most anywhere in nature. An idea turns into a pattern. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.

How to Structure Abundance

A reader asks:

Hi Beth! I’d love to know/read/hear more from you on the dance/balance between MINDSET (here I’m thinking abundance mindset, trust, faith, etc) with practicals like planning, budgeting, etc.  Like, when do we lean into abundance mindset and when do we lean into structures + limits?  Does this make sense?  Sometimes I get confused on what to trust.

Again, this is a very rich subject! There may be many questions remaining for you. Let me know what you’d like me to explore in more depth.

Mindset and structure

Dear L,

Thank you! You are quite right: there is definitely a delicate dance and balancing act between mindset and structure. From your question, you understand that they go together. They are both part of the same larger thing.

Mindset and structure are like spirit and bone.

Spirit moves bone

Bones are only needed where spirit cannot act alone. In the imaginal realm, in the spiritual realm, in the emotive and intuitive realms, spirit is enough.

Bone is an extension of spirit

But when we seek to impact the 3-D world, we need 3-D things to act on behalf of spirit. To extend and manifest spirit.

This is where bones come in. Bones are an extension of spirit. They do the work of spirit where spirit needs physical tools.

Structure Is an Extension of Mindset

Returning to your question, there are a number of interesting ways we can see the relationship between structure and mindset.

For this post, I’ll describe structure as an extension of mindset. We only need structure if we want to change something about our 3-D world. And most of us do! Certainly, many readers of this blog want to manifest something. We want to change something in our 3-D world. Our mindset needs a structure to manifest the change.

What is mindset?

Mindset is belief. Our mindset is the beliefs we hold. Our beliefs are very strong shapers of our expectations and imagination.

We can change our beliefs!

But until we change them, they are “set.” Like Jello. Not immutable. But in a pattern that will keep its shape until we change them.

And that pattern will continue to shape our expectations and imagination.


What to Trust?

The last line of your question I think is your deepest concern: what to trust?

When do we use structure and when do we use mindset?

The answer for me is that we should use both, all the time. But knowing how to use each one and how they work together is the key.

The right use of structure

If we want to make a change in the 3-D world, we need to create and implement a structure for the change.

As you said, we may need a plan and a budget, for example.

But no matter what change we want,  we need a mental picture of the steps to where we want to go. (Because if we don’t know where we are going, we are likely to end up there.)

Our mindset shapes this picture. And then we implement it as our structure for achieving the change.

The right use of mindset

Unless it works perfectly, which is unusual, we follow our structure until we bump up against its limitations.

This isn’t a failing of the structure. Limitations are designed into the structure. By our mindset. Because our mindset is our beliefs.

The structure is as good as our beliefs allowed us to imagine it.

When we bump up against the limitations of the structure we’re implementing, our mindset is what needs changing.


Mind is Bigger Than Mindset

Fortunately, our minds are infinite. They’ve got this. Our minds are fully capable of changing our mindset.

This is because mind is much more than mindset.

Mind is enormous. My experience of my own mind is that at its fullest, it is Universal Mind. So is yours. This is my experience of your mind, for example, in coaching you. You have access to it all.

Universal Mind includes all of us and our small-“m” minds.

It definitely includes anything we might mean by “abundance.” Any idea we have of abundance is necessarily limited.

That doesn’t make it wrong! It’s just useful to remember that we can choose more inclusive ideas once we realize the need to (by implementing our structure).

The infinite capacity of mind is what allows us to change our mindset to whatever we might like it to be. We can imagine the beliefs we need, and then train our mindset in this new shape. We can use this mindset to design or revise a structure and then implement it. The dance will continue, and this is as it should be. This is manifestation at ever higher levels than we had before.

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