Don’t wait to be happy til you like yourself

Don’t wait to be happy til you like yourself

woman leaning against a mirror looking out at the camera pensively

Don’t wait to be happy til you like yourself! Thanks to Annie Gray on Unsplash for this image of a woman and her mirror, wondering if it’s time to be happy. (The answer is yes.)

Don’t wait to be happy til you like yourself

    1. Don’t wait to be happy.
    2. Especially don’t wait to be happy until you like yourself.

Waiting is pointless. Your life needs you. Your calling needs you.

Myth #1: Liking Yourself is a Must

We’ve been told we must like ourselves. Bullshit! Let’s face it: some parts of us, we like. Some parts of us, we don’t like. It’s exhausting to have to like ourselves.

Liking yourself is just not that important.

Don’t worry about it. It’s a distraction.

Myth #2: Liking Yourself Makes You Happy

Happiness comes from within. But happiness doesn’t come from liking yourself.

We’ve been told liking ourselves is the path to happiness. Bullshit!

Waiting to be happy til we like ourselves makes something foolish an obstacle to something wise.

Being happy is wise. Worrying about liking yourself is foolish.

Myth #3: You Are Your Selves

Nope, you’re not the “good” parts of you, nor whatever you dislike about yourself.

You are the room in which they  gather.

You have many selves inside you. Some you like. Some you don’t like.

None of them is you. They simply arise in you.

What’s important is to be at peace with them.

Is that what’s hard for you?

Let me show you how to be happy and make peace within

I am pleased to show you what I mean. Contact me to set up a time to meet. I will help you have the experience you need to be happy without waiting, and the ability to make peace within.

Your investment? One hour of coaching. That’s what it will take. I don’t like all of my selves and I am deeply happy.*

*As an anti-racist, survivor of abuse, and recovering workaholic, I am constantly working within myself to change. I know whereof I speak in this post, and I can show you how to do it, too–very simply. What I teach doesn’t mean we stop working on ourselves! It means our work becomes much more effective. You can make a time to meet with me here.

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