How to Have More Without Working For It

How to Have More Without Working For It

taxicabs racing in New York City rush hour seen from the side

Here is how to have more without working for it by removing yourself from the race. This image is entitled “Before my phone stopped working,” by Anyasiberia.

How to Have More Without Working For It

Why do we blog so much about time, spaciousness, and sanity?

Because peaceful, ethical money management and nonprofit fundraising require them.

I realized recently I needed to spell these things out:

  1. Have more of what you want without working for it by deciding what you actually want.
  2. Then you can see how much of it you can even buy with money.
  3. My guess is most of what you want is more time. It’s a shell game to buy back your time after selling it to other people. It’s more efficient not to sell it in the first place.
  4. To avoid selling so much time, you can reduce your expenses, collaborate with others, or raise what you charge for your time. (This applies to “you” if “you” is an organization as well.)
  5. You can also have more of what you want for free by doing less. Presto! More time. You can do whatever you want with it.

Getting organized is the cheapest, friendliest, simplest way I know to have more without working for it. In fact, I advise you to…

Have More By Not Working For It

If you are working harder to have more, how’s that going for you? I’m slightly serious, and slightly sarcastic. I’ve never found that it works. But I’ve also never had crushing debt, many children, or enormously expensive dreams.

I have traveled the world, lived well, and I continue to live well, including eating really good organic food and supporting farmers by investing in farmshares during the growing season. I have a lot of time for myself. I don’t think it’s just luck. I think it’s a clear determination to ignore what the culture tells me and focus instead on what I most deeply desire + time, spaciousness, and sanity.

What do you think? About it all? About any of it?

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