Make Meaning from the Garden-Story of Your Life

Make Meaning from the Garden-Story of Your Life

a white garden arch with vines all around it and a a white picket gate opening into the garden

Let us help you make meaning from the garden-story of your life. Are you ready to enter the garden–through this lovely gate perhaps, in Essex, England?

The Garden-Story of Your Life

One person’s life is their garden. Their story.

But it can be hard to see your own life that way.

The Garden of Your Life

Your life-garden can look like it’s just…growing. Thriving, maybe. Overgrown, maybe. Even desolate, maybe.

Structure Creates a Garden

It can really help to have a structure within which to observe your own life. (I almost wrote your own “progress,” but it doesn’t even feel like progress sometimes, when you start seeing things this way. Yet it almost always is progress.)

The Story that Is Your Life

Seeing the story and the pattern to your life helps you learn. It helps you read the story of your life. It helps you understand yourself and what influences you–and what you wish would influence you more, plus what you wish would not influence you so much.

It helps you make better use of the forces nourishing you.

Then you can see if you like this story of your life. If you don’t like it, you can edit it.

Structure Creates a Story

Especially if you have a structure within which to observe your own progress, you can see what to change and what to edit.

Having a structure turns your life into a big garden, with each area of endeavor a smaller, “sub-“garden.

Too Much? Too Little? Just Right?

How many sub-gardens can you have? As many as you do have. As many as you want…but watch out. Those gardens take a lot of tending! They take weeding–which is like editing in the example above. They take planting, and cultivation and sometimes a lotta bullsh-t which then turns out to be fertilizer.

RAISING CLARITY Helps You Structure and Make Meaning from the Garden-Story of Your Life

I was talking with one of my coaches today, and he mirrored back to me that what I help people do is make meaning of their lives in this way, precisely because of the structure I teach people to build around their creativity.

Structure + creativity = a balanced garden-story where you can watch your own progress, a place you can witness and make changes to the story of your own life. Safely, often enjoyably, and more easily than without structure.

Let me know how to help you.

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