Feel Your Wealth and Make Space for What Matters

Feel Your Wealth and Make Space for What Matters

Poster: Warning: Capitalism Operates in this Area. Beware Unnecessary Employment.

Feel your wealth and make space for what matters: are you inwardly in a capitalism-free zone?Beware unnecessary “employment.” Copyright-free image by iamdanw accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Feel Your Wealth and Make Space for What Matters

I was going to take quite a few days getting to and from a spiritual workshop led by a soul-colleague. But I kept not being able to decide(for months) whether I should go. It was a workshop on inner freedom.

Finally, I decided not to go. A variety of reasons, none of them conclusive by itself, but taken together, the answer was: no.

The instant I decided, I felt better. More spacious, more inwardly free. More wealthy, too.

Don’t Laugh: This Could Be You

Or: go ahead and laugh. The irony! Experiencing inner freedom by not going to a workshop on inner freedom. (And note: that’s just what felt right to me;  those participating will surely experience more inner freedom as well.)

The point of this post is that by not going, I got what I was going for.

How often does this happen to you? How often can this happen to you? Try it and see. Write me about it here.

To recap: I got more of what the workshop would have given me: inner freedom. For free. By doing nothing, by not traveling, not rescheduling all my work appointments. And by not spending hours on the road in my car, and expending fossil fuel.

Ahhhh: More of What Heals Me

The other thing to notice about this is how it is healing: a soul-colleague wrote me that as a result of recent health issues, she is looking at letting go of some of her commitments. My response was “Ahhhh.” That’s both the sound of relief and the sound of realization.

I am writing this post for her as well.

Space Can Be Scary at Times

Taking things OUT of our calendars can actually be quite scary: all that space and time. I no longer believe most in our culture don’t do it because they are too busy. I believe they don’t do it because they are too scared. The jig is up!

But do it. Try it sometimes. It’s an amazing antidote to so many things, including low energy, low bank balance, and high stress.

PS: “As Though Saving Your Head from Fire”

And what are we saving all this time for? Whatever you want, but certainly one worthy purpose is to use the time to become conscious all the time. It’s impossible to take this too literally: “Mindful of the passing of time, engage yourself in [meditation] as though saving your head from fire.” (Thank you, Dogen Zenji and Kaz Tanahashi.)

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