Find Your True Fun

Find Your True Fun

yellow button marked "FUN"

Find your true fun: everyone’s fun is different but everyone has fun. That’s why I liked this button for this post. It doesn’t tell you what is fun, it just helps point you in the direction. Image by Tom Hodgkinson.

Find Your True Fun

Let every day be a valentine to yourself: find your true fun, and go after it.

What Is Important to YOU?

RAISING CLARITY is all about clarifying what’s important to you. Many of our posts take it quite seriously to help you figure out what you value.

Money Is Not Important

Money is secondary. It’s a means to an end–whether you are fundraising or managing your money peacefully and ethically. What’s important is what’s important to you, or your organization. We urge you: please don’t be swayed by our silly culture. Please don’t care what you are supposed to want. Please want what you want. Money is a means to that end and it’s not even the only means.


I want to expand my business to serve more people and earn more while remaining affordable. When I met with my RAISING CLARITY team of guides about this, they said one word: Fun.

Fun! I didn’t even like the word. I never thought of RAISING CLARITY in connection with fun. This was a radical new direction for me. And I’ve only begun to explore it.

What Are My Feelings About Fun?

Ask yourself: how do you feel toward fun? As I often do when I want to understand my feelings toward a word, I looked up its origins.

“Fun’s” origin is FOOL.

There is a deep connection I sensed but didn’t know until I looked it up between having fun and being foolish.

Our culture equates fun with foolishness.

We are supposed to think it is fun to fritter ourselves and our resources away foolishly. The stereotype of a person having fun is doing something that would be inane at other times. Fun is supposed to set its own rules.

What is True Fun?

I call BS, and I encourage you to do the same.

I want true, deep fun, not fake, shallow fun.

Here is the result of my RAISING CLARITY on what true fun is for me:

True fun
delights me
instructs me
enchants me
soothes me
inspires me
motivates me
connects me
nourishes me.

Why is True Fun Important?

You are no fool either. What is your true fun? What’s important to you can also be fun. But how do you define it? What words would you use for pleasure, enjoyment, delight, bliss…all of them so much richer than “fun.”

You can define fun or redefine fun. I’d like to hear more about it in a comment to this post!

  • Marissa
    Posted at 06:47h, 27 February Reply

    I love this <3
    "Please don't care what you are *supposed to* want. Please want what you want. Money is a means to that end and it's not even the only means."

    What is my true fun? Hmmm 🙂

    • Beth
      Posted at 21:33h, 27 February Reply

      Dude, you are two for two earning half-hour coaching sessions by writing such inspirational and detailed comments…let me hear what your true fun is!

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