What I DON’T Mean About Money

What I DON’T Mean About Money

a woman feeling annoyed

What I DON’T mean about money would fill a book. Image (of herself!) by Robin Higgins.

When I say “Don’t let money get in the way,”

I don’t mean you should run up your credit card bills!

I Also Don’t Mean

When I say: don’t make it the most important thing, don’t let fear of it or not having it drive you, and don’t lie about it or let fear about it rule your galaxy

I also don’t mean you should work at a job you hate, prostitute your skills or your self, or cheat, lie, or steal.

Let Me Be Clear

When I say, “money is connected to everything,”

I do not mean you can get everything you want using it.

Our Fears Are Not About Money

What we’re really afraid of is losing control. We need to back up a step and work with the fear of losing control.

It Does Not Buy Anything Important

There is almost always another way of getting anything you want besides buying it. My rule is that if you can buy it, it is not probably not very important, although it may be useful in the moment.

Why Bother to Point These Things Out?

  1. It is a lot easier to work with what underlies your feelings about money than to try to have more of it without that self-awareness.
  2. It’s a lot more fun, too.
  3. Self-awareness work + desire for abundance  = having money that makes a positive difference in your life. (And doesn’t enslave you.)
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  • Marissa
    Posted at 14:36h, 24 January Reply

    I so want to be on board with this, but…. Having a beautiful house to live in and a kitchen to cook in is important. Healthy high quality food to eat is important. Medicine for sick bodies is important. Living in a place you feel comfortable and safe and have access to community who is healthy for you and conducive to your growth is important. Those are all things to buy that are very, very important… I can’t see how I would possibly get them without money! (Plus you can buy them, but they ARE extremely important!). You can also buy clothes, and clothes are extremely important (I would be freezing and sick here in Portland if I didn’t have layers!). So…. I am being nit picky with my brain freaking out lol thus I think I’m missing your point….

    • Beth
      Posted at 13:10h, 25 January Reply

      This is EXACTLY what I mean, Marissa, those things are critically important and you have choices around how to get them with and even without money. What I want is people to dig into their choices and not blame things on “the money.” Let me blog more about this, but you get a free half-hour of coaching for asking good questions. I don’t just want “yes” people reading my blog, I want the hard questions! Thank you!

      • Marissa
        Posted at 05:47h, 09 February Reply

        You are welcome, Beth! Thank you for PROVOKING difficult questions! I totally get that, dig into my choices. I’m really thinking about this a lot lately because I’m noticing my behavior is changing based around my dwindling bank account. But in a positive way. I feel I’m becoming more self-directed and proactive. Which is another way of me saying, I think somehow I’m learning not to blame things on “the money”. Wow, yay, I won a prize!! Lol! I am so excited! 😀

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