A Reader Looks Deeply into Money

A Reader Looks Deeply into Money

reflection of sky in a pond surrounded by ferns.

A reader looks deeply into money and sees new depths beyond what we saw. This is a detail from the original Reflection Pond image by Kevin Rheese.

A Reader Looks Deeply into Money

Before spending money,

I remember others.

Am I helping them?

I remember self.

Am I helping me? Is my spending kind?

Is my spending from the heart in self-care?

Is my spending from the heart in caring-for?

This was written by a RAISING CLARITY blog reader in response to our invitation to look deeply into money and write a meditation called a “gatha.” (More about what those are in a minute).

Here is another Marissa wrote and allowed us to share:

While earning money, I consider.

I consider that I have this opportunity to receive.

I consider how I feel about receiving.

I consider what brought me joy in what I gave.

Why Look Deeply into Money?

Why look deeply into money? Money is very “full.” It’s full of our memories, attitudes, fears, joys, promises.

The strange thing is that when we look deeply into money , we see all those things we are putting on it, projecting onto it, attaching to it.

A gatha is a corrective to all those things. A gatha helps us remember what we want to remember when we use money. And the process  of creating a gatha heals our money wounds. It does this by clearing or emptying money of our projections, fears, joys, memories. Doing this helps us restore neutrality to money. In this way, gathas help us heal money itself–and heal the collective consciousness around money.

The more we see, the more we detach.

I was delighted when one of our readers looked deeply into money and sent us  her two gathas. (By the way, if you have questions for her, please comment in response to this post.)

Please Try It Yourself

For instructions, click back to this prior post. See what you see.  If you want further examples, you can look at my first round of money gathas.

Look deeply into money. Write what you wonder. And send it!

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