Participate in Looking Deeply into Money

Participate in Looking Deeply into Money

reflection pond surrounded by ferns

Participate in looking deeply into money, as into this deep green pond: what do you see? what allows you to see deeply? “Reflection Pond” by Kevin Rheese.

Participate in Looking Deeply into Money

You can participate in looking deeply into money with RAISING CLARITY in two ways:

  1. Contribute a gatha helping others look deeply into money.
  2. Use the gathas to help you look deeply into money.


I learned about gathas from Thich Nhat Hanh. Here is their why and how.

In brief, gathas are a mindfulness tool; when you use them, they are a mindfulness practice.

What’s cool is because gathas are attached to something (drinking water, going to the bathroom, driving a car, cooking, eating…you name it!) when you do it, you can remember to be mindful using its gatha.

Looking Deeply into Money

It is time to create some money gathas. I want to publish them to help us each remember how we want to be when it comes to money.

And I invite you to join me and possibly earn some free coaching or consulting for yourself or another at the holidays.

What fun!

Send Me Your Money Gathas

  1. Read the link explaining gathas.
  2. Sit with the idea, the practice, and creating your own for a little while (if you’ve never used them before).
  3. Picture (rather than think about) how you want to be with money.
  4. Start writing! Email me your best drafts). If I publish one of yours, I will give you (or anyone you designate) a free half-hour of coaching or consulting and (of course) attribute your gatha to you. There is no competition: if I love your gatha, I will publish it.
  5. Remember that the best gathas are very simple and very deep.
  6. I am deliberately not sharing my gathas with you so yours are fresh fresh fresh! If you want some prompts, I propose you look at the link about gathas. If you really want to see one of mine before you try your hand, contact me.
  7. Just this once: please don’t send your drafts as a comment to this post. (But you can certainly ask questions that way!)
  8. WHAT’S THE DEADLINE? So glad you asked 🙂  The deadline is two weeks from today: November 27th.
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