Money Gathas Are Mindfulness

Money Gathas Are Mindfulness

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Money gathas are mindfulness, a form of mindfulness. Here is looking more deeply into this image we shared previously, just like we encourage you through gathas and other practices to look deeply into money. Image by Kevin Rheese.

Money Gathas Are Mindfulness

RAISING CLARITY helps people become peaceful and ethical with money. One way to do this is literally to use your experience of money as a mindfulness experience!

Gathas are for mindfulness. For more about gathas, see our post here. The point of money gathas is the point of any gatha–to express an intention to be mindful, and to be used as a mindfulness practice. Money could sure use this practice!

If you recall, dear reader, I invite your money gathas. I would love your help looking deeply into money.

Here are Mine

Here are my attempts at writing money gathas:

Money Gatha #1:

In this money, I see

beauty and possibility

oppression and suffering.

I vow to use money with awareness.

Let  me show you another:

Money Gatha #2:

Money came to me, I used money,

money moved on to another.

Where did I direct that money?

Where do I want my money to go?

How do you feel about this third one?

Money Gatha #3:

Money is a human thing.

Other animals do not use it.

Plants do not use it.

Minerals do not use it.

What is it, then?

Or this last one:

Money Gatha #4:

If I behave according to the dictates of money,

I remember money can not dictate.

Only I do that.

Money behaves according to what I think, say, and do.

Now, Yours?

I hope to have inspired you to look deeply into money–and write a gatha or two!

For more information, see our original post with its ask of you, our dear readers, and instructions.

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