Abundance = Giving Thanks

Abundance = Giving Thanks

close-up of a rose whose petals are edge-red and white inside

Abundance = giving thanks. How do you see this full-blown rose? What is wholeness? Allowing what is to fill you up and flow out of you = abundance. Rose by LadyDragonflyCC – >;<

Abundance = Giving Thanks

There isn’t any other equation for abundance. It’s very simple. Just give thanks. You not only feel abundant, you actually are. What you are feeling when you experience gratitude is abundance. If you don’t get this, no problem. It’s complicated how simple it is. See the how-to ideas below.

Giving Thanks

If you can’t give thanks sincerely for abundance, stop trying. What are you richly gifted with? Even troubles! Give thanks.

Thank you for the difficulties of the day.

I say this sometimes–with feeling!–at the last meal of the day.  I mean: Thank you for richly gifting me with challenges. My whole life is dedicated to self-realization. Challenges mean I know where to work on myself next.

That includes money. Money doesn’t supersede my self-realization.  Money is no obstacle to self-realization. It is just a worthy challenge sometimes.

Perelandra points out in the Garden Workbook that bugs are indicators of the fertility of a garden. A rich variety of bugs and wildlife are normal in a healthy garden. Also, bugs are Nature’s first-alert system, before anything else in the system breaks down. It’s not unwise to thank for bugs. And pay attention.


What the heck  is it? Flow. Overflow. Inundation. Those are its roots. If you don’t want the oceans to flow through you, you don’t want abundance. Abundance isn’t good or bad flow, it’s just flow.

Openness to it allows more of it. Period.

Obstructing it, however, causes problems.

Gratitude Exploration

Here is a powerful meditation to try. This is the core of it. For instructions and a bit more detail, click here.

  • Center in gratitude for what you have that you deserve. Allow yourself to feel genuine thankfulness for what you have earned and deserve. Enjoy the rich detail. Revel in it. You have earned this, you deserve it.
  • Now shift to being grateful for what you’ve been given.There’s no question in your mind you didn’t earn it and yet, wow, here it is. Feel thankful for this wealth in its rich detail. Revel in it.
  • Now, simply shift into awareness of all you have that you do not deserve. Can you also be thankful for this? Even allowing ourselves to notice what we have that we do not deserve can be hard enough at first. From an open heart of gratitude, to allow thoughts of what we did not deserve and still don’t deserve opens up a huge can of squiggling worms. And can give rise to questions, like:
    • Do I mean privilege we enjoy but clearly haven’t earned and could not be said to deserve in any way? Yes.
    • Do I mean wonderful things we don’t feel we deserve because we aren’t worthy of them? Sure.
    • Do I mean awful things that we didn’t earn or deserve but have in our lives anyway? Yes.
    • Thank you for being willing to go there.
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