How to Use Time to Have Money

How to Use Time to Have Money

A person standing at what looks like an Indian temple on steps which bear stickers of footprints.

How to use time to have money: can the goddess of wealth and prosperity find you? Give her direction, as do these footprints to guide the goddess in India. Image: Lucky Feet, by Tarane456.

How to Use Time to Have Money

Responding to my post, “Make Time to Have Money,” a perspicacious RAISING CLARITY blog reader and soul-colleague asked,


Can you give a variety of examples? Like, are we talking about making time to manage money (even if there is not a lot) so that we are intentionally setting time aside for money? I feel like you mean something different…

Our soul-colleague was right: we were not talking about setting time aside to manage money (even though “money management” is the subtitle of RAISING CLARITY).

The Idea that Setting Aside Time Can Help You Have More Money

We were talking in last week’s post about setting aside time in a way that will help you have (raise, make, see, find, manifest) more money.

We knew this was an unusual idea, but we thought it was obvious. Or maybe we were just being lazy! But in any case, we were not CLEAR about how in that post (even though RAISING CLARITY is our title). Here is how we responded to her question*:


any time we use to get more conscious with money is good. (Unless we are obsessing and spending too much time; everything in balance!) No, I meant that creativity takes time. It takes time to have wonderful new ideas. That’s why life can seem so stale sometimes, and people complain about its being stale: they/we don’t take time to do “nothing” (that’s what it looks like from the outside) to have new ideas. Focusing “doing nothing” time to imagine, experiment mentally, play around with what about this or what if I did it that way, would it save me more money/attract new customers/be more fun/more lucrative/engage a whole new audience. Like that. But let me blog about it! Thanks!

Steps in Using Time to Have More Money

Detailed steps to enact the quick list I gave our soul-colleague in the above reply.


  1. Remember that setting aside time will make you nervous. It’s not you, it’s our culture. People with too much time on their hands are either dumb or unimportant. They have no life. Right? Wrong. So get used to your inner backlash and possibly outer backlash if you start setting aside time for something as unorthodox as “having more money,” without immediately having a plan for using that time.
  2. Fortunately, our culture is also money-crazed, so if you say, mysteriously, “It’s my having-more-money time,” the backlash will abate a while.
  3. Please don’t use up your time right away! Let me help you plan for how to use it. Initially, just set it aside and keep it protected–regularly. Once a week. This is creativity time! (It’s for creativity that can lead to having more money. Set aside time for other kinds of creativity!)

“Just” Imagine

  1. Take the first meeting with yourself simply to imagine having more money–for yourself or your organization, if you’re a fundraiser. What does it look like? Allow yourself to play the movie out–perhaps several movies with different outcomes–until you find one you like.  Don’t be surprised if some of the movies are negative; many of us use money to make ourselves or others unhappy. Allow the pictures to run until you start to enjoy them.  (If you find you never enjoy them, you really don’t want more money. Let it go! It’s fine not to want more money.)
  2. If you want to set aside more meetings to help you do this first part, do it! You are doing important work by setting aside time to meet with yourself and imagine having more money.  You’ll see how important this is when you get to the next step. Please spend the time to do it powerfully. “Powerful” = you are captivated by the results. They matter to you or your organization.  (More money is not an end in itself: what does it help do, feel, or experience?)
  3. Remember, you are “just” meeting with yourself. You are “just” the most important person in the world when it comes to you having more money!

Now Imagine How More Money Would Find You

  1. Take your next session(s) to imagine ways money would find you. Think about the image accompanying this post. Here is how to make footprints for yourself. Can you imagine the money you would enjoy finding you?
  2. Again, let the pictures run. This like turning on the hot water tap and letting cold water run out til the hot water comes out. You will probably have pretty boring ideas at first, in other words. (Sorry.) Our culture will have supplied most of them, and our culture is just not very interesting when it comes to ways to have, see, find, manifest, make, and raise money.
  3. Keep picturing! until you start to feel playful and excited. When you get to that point, take notes! How did it find you?

Acting on What You Saw

You can see it will take time to act on what you saw. Start with:

  1. Thought experiments you then research into new or improved or different things to offer to people who will pay you for them (or your organization proposes to new or existing foundations and donors). For best results, implement one of these at a time! Keep your list. Keep implementing in this way using future sessions you continue to set aside because this is such a useful prosperity practice.
  2. Thought experiments you implement (one at a time; see the bullet before this one!) about doing things differently: perhaps less expensively, but perhaps more truly attuned to the way you want to do them.
  3. Thought experiments (see the last two bullets on how to implement) into how to attract and collaborate with new allies, or with people you mightn’t have realized were allies til you sat down and thought about them or about whom you might collaborate with.

Thoughts? Please share them!

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