What to Do When It’s All Going Well: Three Ways to Keep From Freaking Out

What to Do When It’s All Going Well: Three Ways to Keep From Freaking Out

White teapot with "Now Panic and Freak Out" printed in blue, against a background of the flag of the United Kingdom.

What to do when it’s all going well? This post describes three ways to keep from freaking out. One of them involves tea. Clearly, tea is a common strategy: witness this teapot image which is titled “Brexit Panic,” by frankieleon. I support drinking tea during a traumatic event like Brexit or the 2016 US Presidential election. But this post reminds you that it doesn’t have to be a major socio-political event; it can even just be something in your own life going really really well.

What to Do When It’s All Going Well

If you are like me, there are times in your life when everything is going…swimmingly. Just beautifully. Everything is moving along as you planned, various projects and the relationships underpinning them are developing beautifully, things are bubbling sweetly without going cold or boiling over. Everything. Is. Just. Right.

This post is for when that happens to us. I know it happens to you, as it is to me right now.

Three Ways to Keep From Freaking Out

There are three primary ways I know to keep from freaking out when everything is going well:

  1. Drink my favorite non-addictive beverage.  (Mine does happen to be tea, which is why I liked this image so much. I decaffeinate my tea by letting it steep 20-40 seconds, pouring that off and making it as you normally would). While doing nothing else. (I know, that’s the kicker. You can sit and watch things in a cafe, but not work. You can read contemplatively; that means reading a tiny bit of something that makes you close the book and stare off into space frequently, contemplating what you’ve read.)
  2. Be gentle with myself. Remember positive stress is a thing and it’s quite normal to be upset, scared, or stressed when it’s all going well.
  3. Ground myself in my body and on the Earth: Sleep, exercise, dance, walk, bathe. Sleep, sauna, make art, receive healing,* for example. Often.

If what’s going well is bringing you money, you can also

  • give some away
  • remember you have a bit of fluidity in your spending right now and it’s ok to
    • invest some
    • spend some on yourself
    • and give some away
  • buy something important or set aside some to buy it sooner than you would have.

*Sometimes I combine resting and receiving healing. I lie down and listen to my favorite sound-healers, Tom Kenyon and Andrea Wenger.  I get hands-on healing. Community acupuncture is my favorite new discovery. It’s very inexpensive and wonderful. Search for one nearest you, using the phrase “community acupuncture” and your location.

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