How to Feel Rich

How to Feel Rich

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How to feel rich? This post teaches you to ask and answer the question. Waterscape by Diggeo on copyright-free Pixabay. 

“Feeling Rich”

This post explores my peacefulness with money in the direction I call “feeling rich.” Feeling rich is a state I notice with gratitude and some surprise I am in quite often–much more now than I used to be. I associate this with liking myself more. Liking myself more, I am more in alignment within myself. If that’s not language that means anything to you, “alignment” feels like no one inside me is fighting with any other part of me. I’m not in conflict. There is a smooth flow of energy within me.

Feeling Rich is Different from Having Money

Rich people don’t feel rich. It’s documented. You know the studies that show rich people aren’t happier than other people? I don’t mean that: I mean rich people don’t think they are rich and they do think someone else is rich.

But this is not just true from the research I’ve read. It’s true of you when I’ve coached you, and of your organization, when we’ve consulted.  Almost no one I work with feels rich at the start of our engagement.

You don’t feel rich? I see that you are rich. And I do mean in crass monetary terms: you have more money than almost all the rest of the world. I’m not “making nice” when I say you (and I) are rich. I’m not redefining “rich.” I’m using international comparisons and comparisons within our own country. By those terms, you are rich.

Are there people richer than you? Of course. Do we have to be the richest person in the world to feel rich? (Some of us seem to.) Of course not. There are people richer than every person in this world but one. Even that person would go down the list and someone else would rise to the top of it if we used a different unit of measurement of their wealth.

Let’s Be Among the First to Feel Rich

What I’ve noticed, and I hope you  just did, is that feeling rich is quite different from having money. The two just seem to be quite distinct in everyone’s experience.

But now that we know that, and since you know now I am talking about you, and not talking about those other people who have more money than you 🙂 AND since super-wealthy and even just plain old wealthy people don’t feel rich, AND since we are rich, why don’t we get on with actually feeling rich? Then other people can take a page from us. We can help other rich people feel rich. It’s a good feeling! You’ll see.

Bottom line: Rich people don’t feel rich. So why don’t we go ahead and show them how to do it?

My Short List of How to Feel Rich

It has taken me a long time to learn that these are the qualities that, when I feel them, make me feel rich. I want RAISING CLARITY and her blog to help you feel and be rich. Everything here is a shortcut to that. I never knew the question “how do you feel rich?” was even important to ask, much less to answer. Now I do. So this post is your shortcut so you can be smarter than I am, quicker.

I feel rich when I feel

  • peaceful
  • limitless
  • supported.

As I’ve described in other posts, a lot of this has to do with feeling spacious in time and money. “Spacious,” if you pressed me, feels like having enough. Not just-enough but enough-enough without thinking about it, or worrying I ve too much and what to do with it and the energy gets to feeling all slack and boring. Nope. It feels like immense possibility I don’t necessarily have to do anything with but I can if I want to.

How do you feel rich? Tell me three ways in a comment to this post!

PS: The sequel to this post, “How to BE Rich,” is here.

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  • Lise
    Posted at 15:40h, 01 November Reply

    Hi Beth! I feel rich when I know there is work coming in (and I do still equate “rich” with financial stability), when I feel possibility and opportunity all around me, and when I feel full of energy.

    • Beth
      Posted at 16:52h, 01 November Reply

      Lise, thank you! It is ok to equate rich with financial stability. My goal with this post was to get us of us to begin to identify for ourselves how each of us feels rich. I am going to publish a post tomorrow that will help us use this beginning list. Stay tuned!

  • Jennifer Kahly
    Posted at 21:52h, 26 October Reply

    I feel rich when I can be with my kids in the middle of a school/work day, hanging out and enjoying nature. Playing Hooky. I feel rich when I can eat a locally sourced meal and it isn’t even a big deal that we grew most of it. I feel rich when I realize that my family eats 3 meals a day together.

    Lovely Post, Beth!

    • Beth
      Posted at 22:32h, 26 October Reply

      Right on, Jennie!! So grateful for your response and the responses collectively to this post. It makes me even more excited about what we’ll do with them in next week’s post.

  • Julie
    Posted at 20:57h, 26 October Reply

    I feel rich when I am:
    Mindfully present

    • Beth
      Posted at 21:07h, 26 October Reply

      Beautiful! Thank you, Julie.

  • Danielle
    Posted at 16:46h, 26 October Reply

    This really resonates with some of the things I have been talking with you about over email the past few months. I was very concerned about starting graduate school because I already didn’t feel rich and knew that was even more of a financial strain. It’s hard to write succinctly how this happened but I moved from feeling like a burden to my family for my desire to be more educated to feeling supported and peaceful about my decision to go to school full time. I feel supported by Beth, by my partner Josh and my mother in this decision. And as I have moved through this semester I have become more and more sure this was the right time to make this happen. And even though I am diligently tracking and modifying our family budget on a daily/weekly basis I feel more rich. Even though we are dealing with less money I feel more in control and like I have some power over my financial situation.

    • Beth
      Posted at 17:03h, 26 October Reply

      This is AWESOME. So, ok, to keep playing this joyful serious game with me, list the qualities? As I mentioned in my reply to BJ, we are gonna work our lists with next week’s post. Your list looks like it includes feeling powerful and having a sense of control of your finances…and I sense some juicy qualities in the area of feeling supported, peaceful and maybe even powerful re: getting more education…let me hear back, Danielle!

      • Danielle
        Posted at 17:28h, 26 October Reply

        Yes I think you’re right my list would be:
        I feel rich when:
        I have control over my finances
        I know what to expect in advance
        My plan works well and has built in flexibility
        I am contributing to progress
        I am in agreement with my partner about our plan
        I can provide fun opportunities for my children

        • Beth
          Posted at 20:16h, 26 October Reply

          LOVE IT

  • bj appelgren
    Posted at 14:11h, 26 October Reply

    full of ideas
    Aw, heck, Beth! it’s hard to come up with new words when you’ve said it so succinctly. And since i’ve been feeling this way, gratitude has also popped up without any effort.

    • Beth
      Posted at 17:01h, 26 October Reply

      BJ, thanks! Dig in…I’m gonna post on this again next week. Keep this list, we’ll work it!
      PS: Doesn’t have to be 3, and I like your 4.

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