The Spiritual Things You Suspect About Money Are True

The Spiritual Things You Suspect About Money Are True

Everything You Know is True

In my humble estimation, whatever you believe about money comes true. And also what you suspect. What do you suspect about money?

That its flow in your life has something to do with how you flow with Life?


That “what goes around, comes around”?

Yup. Have no doubt. (Even when it doesn’t look like that to us at first.)

That “how you do anything is how you do everything,” so any problems with money are reflected in your health, your relationships with other people, your work-world?


That it’s spiritually meaningless and has to do only with how hard you work or who you know?

That too. I prefer seeing it with a wide-angle lens because I get more information for myself and my clients that way. But you can relate to money strictly based on how hard you work or who you know.

That what you believe about money is self-fulfilling?


Believe or Suspect?

If you want to know the difference between what you believe and what you suspect, look at what is going on with money in your life that you didn’t expect. Pretend you created it. Now observe what is different from what you expected–whether it’s more positive or less positive. That, I submit to you, is what you suspect.

Interesting, right? This is one reason I love moneycoaching. It helps us integrate beliefs and suspicions. You can take the money archetypes test here free to start learning yours. I would love to work with you further once you do. Let me know your questions regardless, and help me write a further post on this topic!





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