Finding Your Self at Work, The Eleventh Step, receiving help lifelong

Finding Your Self at Work, The Eleventh Step, receiving help lifelong


Receiving help lifelong: Image by Marco uploaded to Flikr accessed via Creative Commons Search.

Receiving Help Lifelong

The trade-off for becoming vigilant over ourselves by working these Steps is that we feel easier receiving support for our new non-addictive behavior.

To me, this is what’s so important in Step 11:

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with the Power greater than ourselves as we understood It, asking only for knowledge of where It will take us and the power to carry that out.

How I See It Works

This to me is the path to abundance in a nutshell: we identify ourselves with a power greater than our addiction by far in Steps One and Two. We choose what we trust in, and surrender ourselves to its healing power (Step Three). Initially, the Steps that follow are the obvious clean-up steps. But now we are committing lifelong to our healing and we need to trust and surrender lifelong.

It’s important to choose wisely what Power to trust in. If you feel doubt about this Step, take a look back at Step Three. We have immense, freewill choice here. There are many Powers listed in our post on Step Three.

As for Me

Here’s the list (repeated from an earlier post) of what I gave up because of my addiction to capitalism:

  • my self-esteem
  • my identity
  • my reason for existence
  • my intrinsic goodness, my worth
  • my knowing what needed to be done next for real (whatever made the most money, right?)
  • my friendships
  • my interests.

And Now, What?

What is going to keep me from doing it all over again? If I commit to ending my addiction, living healthy and free from the chase for money, not harming others anymore in that chase–what is to support my doing so?

Just as I once trusted money would get me through (so it made sense to give up all those things), I need to trust in something bigger than money.

I need to admit to myself that something is bigger than money. That’s why I call it “a saner Power” in some of the posts in this series.

I have no attachment to what you trust in. But let it be bigger than money. If that means going back to Step One, let it be worth that to you. Happy healing.

Step 12 is here. All the Steps to Recovery from Capitalism are here.


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