Branding: Choosing Your Mask with Care

Branding: Choosing Your Mask with Care


Choosing your mask with care: “Message to the World.” Image by and uploaded to Flikr by Eduard V. Kurganov, accessed via Creative Commons search.

Branding: Choosing Your Mask with Care

This post was inspired by Kimberly Maska’s article “3 Mistakes To Avoid As A Spiritual Entrepreneur.” I loved being interviewed by Kimberly about mindful marketing! Here’s a transcript from that long-ago show.

When I initially shared Kimberly’s article, I received a comment concerned that her solution to #3 of the “3 Mistakes” was ego-based. Her Solution #3 was about building your community as part of building your brand.

Ego: a Friend in Choosing our Mask or a No-No for Entrepreneurs?

Ego is a big no-no for spiritual entrepreneurs, right? I thought so, too. With Kimberly’s permission, however, I share Kimberly’s response to the concern about egotism in promoting our work as spiritual entrepreneurs:

We are here to have an impact on this planet, to change lives. This world needs leaders to make this happen. Building a tribe is about connecting with people you can help & serve. As far as ego is concerned…the ego has a purpose, that is whey we have it. We use it everyday in everything we do. For example, if we go on a job interview we want to represent ourselves a certain way, so we call upon the ego. We tell the boss that we are a good worker, have extensive knowledge of the job they are hiring for, etc. The ego is a liaison, it represents the characteristics we want to show the boss. The key is to understand that the ego is a mask. We are not the ego, but it is a tool to be used. When we understand it is merely a mask we can avoid creating a false sense of identity out of it. To fully step into your power you must call upon the ego.

Worrying that the ego will take over is operating on a fear-based mentality and that never helped anyone. With awareness and consciousness you can use ego as it is meant to be used and change the world.

Using our Ego for Entrepreneurs Choosing Our Masks

I’ve contemplated Kimberly’s words, and my response is

let us choose our masks carefully!

Some Questions for You Now:

    • what is your mask? describe it to yourself in a snapshot; this is the “face” of your spiritual entrepreneurship
    •  do you like it?
    • remembering it is a tool, how would you rather it look?
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