Which Limits to Set?

Which Limits to Set?


Which limits to set? An abstract (and to me, beautiful) way of seeing limits: the straight line is called an “asymptote” of the curved one. At infinity, they come together. How do we intersect with infinite possibility? Thanks to Doctormatt for this image, “Asymptote 2,” uploaded via Wikimedia Commons.

Which Limits to Set?

I like limits. I find them useful and especially appreciate it when I can set them my own self.

Here are my three criteria for self-chosen limits, all starting with a “C”:

  1. Compassion:

    Using resources consciously and generously offers us many ways to be a compassionate citizen of this planet–and increases our abundance. This has challenges, which engender creativity. Your limits are probably not compassionate to others if they are not compassionate to your highest self.

  2. Creativity: 

    My 2014 decision to “fast” from reading books by white people began as a anti-racist commitment. My fast has blossomed into a feast. While it is challenging because of racism that infuses our publishing and purchasing markets, and while I thought of it at first as a compassionate sacrifice, the beneficiary of the compassion is ME–my mind, the fabulous conversations I engage now, my new worldviews and understandings. My persistence in the face of “rational” objections rewards me with intellectual flying-carpet journeys I would never otherwise take. Your creative limits do not need to be approved by the Rationality Police.

  3. Challenge:

    I keep thoughtful limits on my availability via cellphone, voicemail, email, and social media. This increases clients’ and friends’ respect for my time and theirs, creating a sweet organic filter demonstrating the beauty of the RAISING CLARITY brand for those who feel drawn to it, and compassion toward myself as a beacon to others. Your limits can challenge you in ways you already hunger to grow.

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