Finding Your Self at Work: The Sixth Step, letting it go (capitalism)

Finding Your Self at Work: The Sixth Step, letting it go (capitalism)


Letting it go: from the movie Frozen during which scene Elsa sings “Let It Go.”

Letting It Go

So you would think this was the easy Step: letting go of all that yecch you figured out in Step Four and acknowledged publicly in Step Five.  After that, surrendering to the Power you are learning to trust beyond capitalism’s race to insanity should be easy.

It’s easy if you’ve really done Steps Four and Five. (And if you don’t know what we are talking about, start here with Step One. The whole set of Steps are here.)

It’s not just easy because Steps Four and Five were agonizing. Though I bet they were! This whole series is somewhat agonizing: for me, it’s brave and scary to come “out” advocating recovery from capitalism as an illness when my professional practice is all about money and abundance. But it’s a vital recentering and a-RAISING CLARITY for me!

The traditional Step Six is that we

6. Were entirely ready to have a Power greater than ourselves remove all these defects of character.

How to Do It

It’s easy now to surrender because we have removed what was in the way of trusting this Power. This is the Power greater than capitalism we explored and first considered surrendering to in Step Three.  It may be different for each one of us but there IS that Power for YOU. It’s that simple.

And we are capable of aligning with that Power now that we have taken the steps to remove what was out of alignment in us with it. It is Us. We have removed what was out of alignment in us with Us. We have stopped what I called “self-abandonment” in Step Four.

It’s that simple. And that challenging. I hope you will try it, Step by Step. Step Seven is here. All the Steps to Recovery from Capitalism are here.

PS: At this halfway point in our series, I again express gratitude to this website on the 12 Steps, useful to anyone with any addictive problem.


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