Is It Easy…or Impossible?

Is It Easy…or Impossible?


Drawing of the Necker cube and impossible cube. Created by Tarquin and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

A thing is either right there in front of me to accomplish (easy) or not even close to me (impossible).

Until I observed this, I spent a lot of time trying to do the impossible and calling it “hard work.”

Many come to RAISING CLARITY to stop working harder, however. They (and we) want to work smarter.

Working smarter, we observe that when we want to accomplish a thing, what works is one of two things:

  1. bring the impossible close to you
  2. bring yourself close to the impossible.

Bring the Impossible Close

The Impossible is only Impossible because it’s not chunked up properly.

But what really helps is understanding that the people who accomplish the “impossible,” didn’t. They didn’t think or feel or see that it was impossible. They understood it was possible by taking the one visible next step.

That one next step brings the impossible close. Close is easy.

There’s no point setting yourself to do the impossible. Bring it close.

Bring Yourself Close to the Impossible

A soul-colleague is having a lot of trouble accomplishing a thing because of anger. The easy is impossible for them.

The easy can’t get any closer.

We have to move. The anger has to shift. The rage. Or the fear has to shift. The terror.

The ego, the small self has to expand to let your Self tell yourself a bigger story. Our certainty we know the correct story already and it’s just terrible can change when we sit quietly as a witness to the story we are telling ourselves about the world, ourselves, others who have wronged us.

This is part of the importance of stories. (See section above.) It’s part of why we say it’s important sometimes to “empty out” comes first when you want something new.

Ask for Help

You don’t even have to expect it. Just ask. Ask the invisible. And then try to empty out a little. You will be just shocked at what you get. This brings the impossible into a next-step chunk, and brings you close to what will become easy once you ask for and receive and use the help.

This post is a fractal. I was in a small tizzy trying to figure out what to blog about today. I asked. And then I thought, “well, it’s either easy or it’s impossible.” And then I realized that was the help I needed. And that it was even true, so I could tell it to you. (I will not tell you things that aren’t true. Promise.)

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