Prime the waterfall

Prime the waterfall

five-part waterfall coursing down from a green mountain onto grey rocks

You can prime the waterfall. Five-part long-exposure waterfall by Jeffrey Workman on Unsplash.

Prime the Waterfall

One of my rule-sets is that everything we want is hanging around waiting for us to see it. Thus, “priming the waterfall” to feel good when the waterfall is always already coursing through me! Here’s the list–may I use it when I forget the waterfall. May you use it, and share your own!

    1. Took a bath in the middle of the day.
    2. Recycled.
    3. Rebutted despair on Facebook.
    4. Lit incense.
    5. Switched to herbal.
    6. Received a gift (really received it).
    7. Told someone how wealthy I am in every way I could put into one sentence.
    8. Said thank you and meant it.
    9. Inspired someone to ask for help.
    10. Received thanks (really received them).
    11. Cried about another person’s pain.
    12. Invited a friend who doesn’t have one to borrow my bathtub.
    13. Inspired a soul-colleague to thank their donors at the same time as asking them for more money.
    14. Bragged to someone who really listened.
    15. Remembered to write this list before I forgot.
    16. Shared it with you.

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