Cybersabbaths for Inner Power

Cybersabbaths for Inner Power


Cybersabbaths for inner power are a good thing! I am in love with the serendipity of finding this photo: the controls for a Sabbath elevator. Image: Stan Wiechers.

Cybersabbaths for inner power happen whenever you take time off deliberately from your electronic communications. They are the source of great renewal of inner power.

Try it. Make it a conscious, even a spiritual choice. That will make all the difference in how you return: refreshed and powerfully able to respond is what we are aiming for.

I take them often. Even more so now.  They can be short or long, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or anytime you choose. You can dedicate the time to a focus or simply Be. You make the rules. Then observe them with love for yourself and all beings.


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  • BJ Appelgren
    Posted at 15:56h, 14 January Reply

    sending you wishes for healing and returning soon to tallness and then some

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