How to Strengthen Your Receptivity

How to Strengthen Your Receptivity


How to strengthen your receptivity: this is receptivity on the “Wikimood” indicator. Image: Denelson83.

How to Strengthen Your Receptivity

This post helps you receive the energies of the new. It was written at the start of a new year, which for me is the Fall Equinox. That is an excellent time to use it, but so is anytime you need a fresh start.

Strengthen Your Living or Working Space

    • clean (eg, wash your dishes, your floors, do physical work, especially in your personal space, brush and floss your teeth)
    • light incense you love
    • mist, with even just water and intention, or with a “smell” that is cleansing, such as eucalyptus

Strengthen Yourself

    • wash and massage your ears
    • do anything slowly with intention to receive from it–you name it, you’ll be surprised
    • eat mindfully
    • fast mindfully
    • read a children’s picture book with illustrations you love
    • allow yourself to daydream for an amount of time you set a clock to help you keep and forget about til it rings
    • ask for a dream when you lie down to sleep, or nap
    • make art
    • stay focused on what you are feeling for longer than normal
    • take a walk
    • write until you’re surprised
    • light a candle with intention to receive
    • pray
    • make and drink tea mindfully
    • give gratitude you’ve needed to give someone for something
    • say or write something you’ve needed to get off your chest, kindly to both of you
    • give something away.
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