What It Feels Like to Be Wealthy

What It Feels Like to Be Wealthy

Want to know what it feels like to be wealthy? Well, I’ll tell you–in my first-ever guest post published elsewhere and shared here for the first time.

What It Feels Like to Be Wealthy

Click here to read my first-ever guest post, published by the brilliant and insightful financial organizer I call Another Beth.  (Her real name is Beth Crittenden. We also call each other East Beth and West Beth, as you see in the image.)

Beth published my guest post in her “Unconditional Serenity” blog.

One of the important wisdoms offered by the Unconditional Serenity blog is body-based awareness.

Inspired by that, my post explores the effect on the body of a powerful true story and how to use that effect to create a desired change in oneself. 

The Power of Story on the Body, and Feeling Wealthy

My post begins:

When I was 21, a famous stranger told me I was wealthy and very feminine…

In my story, this famous stranger had “clout.” My best friend brought me to him as to an oracle, a prophet, with awe and yet a curious sense of friendship, of easy intimacy with this famous stranger. All of this set the stage for my expectation that this person possessed authority.

So when the words were out of the famous stranger’s mouth that I was wealthy and very feminine, even though I tried to pooh-pooh his words, I knew they were true.

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