Job Changers: RAISING CLARITY Heals Burnout

Job Changers: RAISING CLARITY Heals Burnout

RAISING CLARITY heals burnout, job-changers. Image by Tangerine Newt shows five wooden kitchen matches. The fourth from left is burned to a crisp. The fifth from left has a tiny green leaf growing out of it. Nothing else, on a deep lavender background.

Job changers: RAISING CLARITY heals burnout. Image by Tangerine Newt.

Job Changers

Who is a job changer?

A job changer is someone

    1. Trying to change jobs or
    2. Trying to change the job they have or
    3. “Quietly quitting” or considering doing so.



Burnout is everywhere in the job changing process. It’s what motivates job changers to quit, quietly quit, or try to change the jobs they have.

But we heal burnout not by changing jobs per se (although I fully support people changing jobs!) but by RAISING CLARITY first.


Your Job is Not the Cause of Your Burnout

It might look like the job you have is causing your burnout. Not so. You are causing it. Your fear, to be precise, is causing your burnout.

If you are willing to face your fears before you act (keep reading for how to do this), you can change your job. If you don’t, your dream job may become a nightmare, too.

You may still get burned out!

This is because the job is not causing your burnout.

This truth is unpopular, but it’s the fastest path to change I know. The best part?

You can change yourself.

This is why RAISING your own CLARITY before and as you change jobs is so important. So you don’t go through all that effort for nothing, or something worse than nothing.



RAISING CLARITY is, yes, the name of my practice. It’s my job!

But it’s called that for a reason.

RAISING CLARITY starts with honesty.

Deep, unrelenting, committed self-honesty. Seeing the stuff inside us we don’t want to see is just the beginning. Everyone has some. But not everyone is “fierce with reality,” to quote Florida Scott-Maxwell. Not everyone is willing to see it. Yet this is exactly what changes us–and “miraculously” changes the outside world around us.

RAISING CLARITY is also tenderness for transformation.

All the stuff we don’t want to see in ourselves is just the beginning. It needs to be tenderly held, like I describe in this blog post you probably haven’t read in a while.  In sharp focus and tenderly.

For this, we carve out time and space to see our stuff, and to make our changes, step by step. This too takes commitment.

Anyone can change if they do these things.

They don’t need me, but I am a huge help.

Not just in changing jobs, but that, too.

It’s one thing to see yourself honestly. It’s another thing to know what to do with it.

I know where to focus and when. This is key so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Or burned out.



Step One: Fear-Facing

RAISING your own CLARITY about job-changing starts with looking carefully at your fears. This is so you do not repeat the pattern you’ve created.

Is fear driving your job search?

What is it that makes you want quietly to quit rather than speaking up at work and asking for things to be different?

Does feeling you don’t deserve things to be better keeping you at a job you hate?

Is losing a past job or being mistreated at a past job keeping you from going for what you really want?

A Rubbish Pile of Fears

I am not making fun of your fear! Far from it. I have lived with fear my whole life. Big, ugly, financial fears; small, petty, comparative fears that mask a deep-seated fear I’m not worth it, I don’t have what it takes, I’m too deeply flawed, my family history is [fill in the blank], I’m too [old, young, smart, dumb, cheap, expensive, Jewish, queer, fill in the blank with your favorite reason you hear in your head you can’t have what you want].

But I have also surmounted every one of my fears over the course of my life. Literally, “surmounted”: I have climbed them like a pile of rubbish.

And by this point, after several decades, I have pretty much heard every fear you can name.

What I am interested in is healing. So what I focus on pattern. Fear has a pattern. So does surmounting it. There is a way to do it and a way that shoves it down your throat before you are ready.

That is unnecessary. When you follow the step by step process of committing to change, focusing on it, and the next steps you’ll find here, you don’t let yourself off the hook but you don’t let yourself down either.

Step Two: Action

I’ll tell you something I’ve never put out in the world before. It’s my secret marketing tagline. It’s RAISING CLARITY’s core message that supports and unifies everything I do:

Your spiritual life is what you do.

That doesn’t mean your job has to be spiritual. Or that you have to be spiritual!

It doesn’t mean that your spiritual practice should somehow be your job.


It means that your outer life must be consistent with your inner life.

Or you will have problems. Possibly the problems you are having now.

The way to take action is first to face your fears, and then to take small, consistent, bold, and creative new steps toward what you want.

 I am interested in helping people act on what’s inside them. For free, as in my blog you are reading and in the event you can watch below, as well as in my paid work leading coaching groups, as well as doing individual coaching, and consulting. Find out more about that here, and subscribe to my newsletter to be kept abreast and afloat. here:

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