Living Ideas Podcast!

Living Ideas Podcast!

The Living Ideas Podcast logo featuring images on the right of Dr. Tony Smith of Tony Smith Consulting, and on the left, of me, of RAISING CLARITY.

The Living Ideas Podcast is a partnership between (on the right) Dr. Tony Smith of Tony Smith Consulting, and me, of RAISING CLARITY.

Why the Living Ideas Podcast?

(Click that link for the entire playlist.)

Like the Living Ideas Podcast itself, RAISING CLARITY thrives on ideas.

A living idea is one that changes your life. In big or small ways.

Simply knowing something is possible can bring down the old ways of doing things. Think about revolutions. You and I make our own smaller revolutions and together we may also be part of bigger ones. All of them start by simply realizing something new is possible.

And it’s not just something new. It may be new to us–but many of the best ones are very, very old. Time-tested.

What’s it about? How did it start?

A good conversation can change your life. It evokes ideas that surprise and inspire, that remind you who you really are and tell you how you want to live your life. Ideas of this sort are expressions of our life force and they have an uncanny power. For more than five years Beth and Tony have had a conversation like this every week and we would like to invite you to join us for six short sessions of it. It could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself; it has been for us.

When did it start?

It started about a month ago! The playlist link takes you to all episodes recorded. Click the video below to watch our inaugural episode!

The ideal realm

Everything starts from a seed. But the seed doesn’t even exist in reality until it exists in something called the “ideal realm.” I sometimes calll it the “imaginal realm” not because it is imaginary but because…

It requires our imagination–the reality we seek lives in images we see with our minds’ eye.

When I work with clients, I start in the ideal realm because that is the easiest place to make change.

Easiest because once someone knows and sees what they want, we have a path to it. Our idea is our seed.

Then we plant it in soil that has been RAISING CLARITY’d (cleansed, cleared of obstacles), allow the darkness and fertility to do their work, nurture our seedling and voila! Watch it flower and fruit, and then harvest it.

There is nothing more important than a living idea. Please join me in enjoying these conversations!
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