New! RAISING CLARITY Instant Downloads

New! RAISING CLARITY Instant Downloads

three kinds of instant noodles: straight spaghetti, curly ramen, and little pasta "nests"

New! RAISING CLARITY Instant Downloads–just add yourself. A bit like these three instances of dried noodles gracefully photographed by Hannah Mn on Unsplash.

New for YOU: RAISING CLARITY Instant Downloads

All our online offerings are now collected on one page! Here’s the page. Click on that link and find it all right now. Or keep reading for descriptions of what’s on offer.


Topics Available

Abundance and Removing Blocks to Abundance:

    • Healing Blockages to Promoting Your Work
    • Sharing Stillness

Structure and Getting Organized

    • How to Work with A Council of Selves
    • Time Mapping, Simplified

Working with Seasonal Energies

    • Make a Plan for Your Whole Year in 1 Hour: The 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Fall (and How to Use Them)
    • Winter Video Course
    • Spring Video Course (Coming February 2022)
    • Summer Video Course (Coming May 2022!)

Interviews: “RAISING CLARITY 101”

    • a variety of RAISING CLARITY information presented in a simple way to an audience of newcomers.

Claim Your Calling

    • Videos and posts about our  transformative program to make following your calling easy, no matter how busy you are or how long you’ve felt stuck.

Why Instant?

RAISING CLARITY is all about taking our time. We work carefully and intimately one-on-one, in small groups, and in thoughtful events like this Interview About Courage, and others you’ll find on my YouTube channel.

But taking your time sometimes means wanting guidance, practices, or meditations right now. So, I’ve begun creating short, to-the-point yet spacious courses you can download immediately on a select number of topics of greatest impact. I have put them together on one page with all our videos and audios (as well as published articles). Again, that webpage is here.

Many are offered free of charge. Some cost a modest amount of money.

Many thanks for many years of loving support of our work supporting life, livelihood, and calling.
Feel free to use the form at the bottom of the Instant Downloads webpage to tell us what you think and what you want to see more of.
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