Halfway to Winter Solstice: Getting Real

Halfway to Winter Solstice: Getting Real

diverse fall leaves on a black background with at the center, the words "We're halfway to Solstice: how does your garden grow?"

We are at halfway to Solstice how does your garden grow? Take a look. Weed out the weird stuff. Watch out for that Winter freeze.  Thanks to Erol Ahmed on Unsplash for this image.

Halfway to Winter Solstice

If the Fall Equinox back in the third week of September was Nature’s New Year, then we are a good part of the way into the year. A lot is shifting and changing–can you feel it? And the year is getting real. It’s developing a “shape,” an energy pattern.

You need to work it. You need to work with the seasonal energies to accomplish what you want with least effort. That’s why this friendly reminder: s–t is getting real.

Getting Real

If you have been hesitating about embracing this new year, now’s the time. In about two weeks, the Winter season will begin, and at the midpoint of Winter, the Winter Solstice will drop into our lives. Are you ready?

The way to get ready is to get real: this is happening. What changes do you need to make? Make them now so you set yourself up for a good pattern in 2020-21.

RAISING CLARITY Questions to Help You

    • What are you planting in your personal and professional garden this year?
If you don’t understand the question, take a look: What is happening in your personal life that you like? your professional life?
    • What about what you don’t like?
    • What did you grow last year that you did not want to keep happening?
    • Is it still growing this year?
    • Can you uproot it now?

If It Froze Like This, Would You Like It?

Consider that the soil under your garden is soon going to freeze. Basically, whatever patterns you allow to get established now will get frozen into place.

There’s time to change the template. This halfway point right now is a good time to take stock. That starts with setting time aside. This post on working with Fall energies will help you identify what you want. It’s not too late to use the information in it–but it soon will be. (Soon, it will be time to work with the Winter energies. Now, there’s still time to work with the Fall energies.) You can also use this inexpensive, short, action-packed-yet-spacious video course!

Write us back in a comment to this post: what’s going on for you? What do you need to help you embrace or change in your garden?

This post is in honor of beloved subscriber and soul-colleague M.S.

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