After the High–What? Money Wisdom

After the High–What? Money Wisdom

discarded Christmas wrappings

After the high–what? Money wisdom: do you end up empty-hearted?empty-handed? empty-pocketed, perhaps? Like this image of discarded Christmas wrappings by oatsy40.

After the High–What? Money Wisdom

Our culture loves the high–fast, intense, busy times, places, people. These are not typically times of great wisdom. There’s a reason we use the same word as for a drug “high.” We are somewhat stupefied by highs. We are stupefied by being high. Is low the only alternative? Not hardly.

What About Money Highs?

Money “highs” are a big bore. My favorite newspaper has a section every year, “How to Spend It.” And this year, “How to Trend It.” As if we needed help spending! As if we needed help staying current with the trends.

What does it mean about us, if we need help spending money and trending with the currents of fashion?

To me, it means we need to get a life. A real life. A wise life.

Highs are not times of great wisdom and this is especially true when it comes to money. Highs are times of overspending and guilt about overspending and underspending.

Going Beyond the High to the Wise

We need to put ourselves beyond being pushed around about money. We need a deep self-confidence about our spending. The core sense of rightness is what we need to cultivate in ourselves. Having that, we will not feel guilty. We will not be pushed around whether by our relatives (including our kids) or Madison Avenue–or the Internet. We will probably just turn the page and move on if someone tries to push us.

After Spending Season–What?

For example, after the moment of Christmas “high” has just passed, the biggest spending season of the year, what did you learn? What do you have to show for it? Or are you empty-hearted, empty-handed, empty-pocketed?

You can use that emptiness now. I’m not interested in pushing you to hold my views or have “my wisdom.” Let me help you find yours.

In fact, let me simply ask you, and read when you reply:

After the high–what? What happens for you after the high?

Just take time to observe. Learn your own wisdom. It’s there; be willing to absorb it. You may have to be empty first.

This can help you make wiser money decisions. Self-observation is a starting point for change.

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