Time ≠ Money: Listen for Abundant Flow of Both

Time ≠ Money: Listen for Abundant Flow of Both

A wristwatch, coins and folding money.

Time ≠  money as you can see from the evocative juxtaposition of the two in this picture. Listen to our free audio downloads for a more abundant flow of both. Image by ShaukBahutBadiCheezHai.

Time ≠ Money

There is some weird cultural belief that time = money. RAISING CLARITY takes a strong stand against that belief. Your time is precious, abundant, and unlimited. So is your money. But trading one for the other is…silly. Let’s just leave it at that. If you stop believing they are the same, or one can buy the other, you’ll see what we mean.

Listen for Abundant Flow of Both Time and Money

If you want to understand how time and money are both precious, abundant, unlimited flows, tune in to this radio program given in two parts. The first is about money; click here for that one.  The second is about time; click here for that one.  Both utilize RAISING CLARITY’s signature combination of information, stories, and guided meditation to engage all parts of your mind and heart in the exploration for genuine understanding and relatable take-aways. But there’s more: the vocal toning and music of sound-healer Andrea Wenger deeply enhance what you gain from these recordings.

Attribution: Our two-part radio show was with Lynda Adams of Successful Balanced Living on Maine’s community radio station, WMPG. The show dates were February 21 and 28, 2018.

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