What to Do When It’s All Going Crazy: How to Keep from Freaking Out

What to Do When It’s All Going Crazy: How to Keep from Freaking Out

A New Zealand beach with shells scattered on it mirroring the sky.

When it’s all going crazy, a walk in your mind on this beach turns your crazies into shells on an otherwise spacious beach. Image of a New Zealand beach with mussels mirroring the sky by reginaspics.

When It’s All Going Well Can Feel a Lot Like When It’s All Going Crazy

This recent post shared three practices for when things are going so well that you’re tempted to freak out.  That was happening to me, and I reflected on what practices were getting me through.

When It’s All Going Crazy Can Just Mean That It’s All Going Well

This week, I reflect on what is going on. It feels completely crazy! But it’s purely the logical extension of everything well: more paid work for new client soul-colleagues, more logistics, more travel, more training, consulting and coaching, more information, more projects, more successes.

But It Still Feels Crazy!

This is thrilling: I am useful! I am doing really good work. Soul-colleagues are happy. But it still feels crazy! In fact, even though I have been setting aside time for the practices I described last week, it feels crazier. (Just saying.)

Use the Same Tools

What do I do? Do I think the practices we looked in that recent post about when everything’s going well are insufficient? No! I think I need to do them more. I need to set aside even more quiet time for tea and healing than I have been. I am appalled at how much quiet time I need to counterbalance what is going on. The key is counterbalance. I need some deep, dark, earthy yin to balance all the activity I’m engaged in. As you know, with RAISING CLARITY, this means scheduling it. So…I am.

And I just want you to know: it happens to me, too. And here’s what I do: I notice it, and I act.


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