Stay Peaceful with Money

Stay Peaceful with Money

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Stay peaceful with money: it takes focus on what is most important to you about money. Money is like water, it is always changing. We sit in the river, pouring it where we hope it will go. Sometimes it does! Image: sasint, on pixabay.

Stay Peaceful with Money

Money is challenging. The idea you can stay peaceful with money may sound impossible, even contradictory. Money changes. Its nature is to change. The value of even a dollar changes! The amount you earn may change and for sure what it will buy changes, because what things cost changes.

But staying peaceful with money doesn’t mean expecting money not to change. It means you don’t change with respect to money.

When you are peaceful, you don’t over-value or under-value money. You have a relationship to money that is fundamentally healthy, and this healthy relationship is what stabilizes money in your life.

Your stable relationship with money is what keeps you peaceful with money.

Cultivate a Healthier Relationship to Money

The very first step in cultivating a healthier relationship–as with any relationship–is to examine the relationship you have now. Begin now, don’t worry about the past, simply observe. You can even keep a money journal exploring your feelings about your spending alongside what is traditionally called a “money journal,” which is a spending record.

To Feel Peaceful, Seek What is Ethical

One of the simplest ways to feel peaceful with money is to ensure you feel ethical. Our relationship to money should both feel and be ethical. If it’s not both, we will feel nauseous or scared or guilty about money, not peaceful.

Here is how to tell if your relationship to money is ethical:

  • you feel good about how you earn money
  • you feel good about how you use (spend, invest, give away) money.

If you don’t feel good about both, it’s time to zero in on one and start making changes–small changes, slowly.*

Small Changes, Peaceful Results

What will start to happen is that your peacefulness with the ebb and flow of money-making and money-spending will increase. You will notice you are proactive about money. There will no longer be so much concern with what others think about money, especially your money, the money that flows through your hands. You will thought about it, prayed or meditated about it if that’s your way, and you are centered in yourself about it. Explaining to anyone who will listen what your decisions are will become easier, and where you are on your path to achieving them. And it is quite likely others will listen because so few will speak to them the way you do and inspire them the way you do.

Affordable Help is Available

If you would like help making peaceful money decisions and achieving them, contact us. Or keep reading this blog! Or both. 🙂

*It is also possible that your relationship to money may already be perfectly ethical, but you feel it is unethical. This is something we can help with.


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