Claiming Resources Transforms Us

Claiming Resources Transforms Us

Over and over in my 25+ years organizing, fundraising, moneycoaching and developing my ability to see myself and others clearly, I saw that the resources we need to transform the world are there for us.  Always.  Claiming them transforms us.  As you saw this week with my LinkedIn practice, what I thought I created recreated me.

This is “recreation.”  Our genuine needs are the vehicle used to bring us into our higher and higher selves by a force larger (and smarter) than we are as we engage large, positive forces of beauty, healing and love.  (This is why I work with artists, healers, and visionary organizers!  It keeps me right up close to our source.)  These universal forces are always waiting for us to engage them.  I love working with them, and showing you how.

If the resources you need aren’t there, you don’t need them.  Or you don’t need them now.  Trust this fractal pattern.  It’s why I focus first on clarity: getting you out of your own way. Without this, the whole picture keeps right on looking the way it did before.  When you are different, everything shifts, sometimes subtly and sometimes, watch out!

I practice this actively, and bring it to you from the depth and wealth I have received over two and a half decades–and the humility of being a total newbie every moment I am alive.





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