(You Can Learn to) Structure Your Life

(You Can Learn to) Structure Your Life

Sunflowers are nature's sacred geometric structure. They show you one example of how to structure your life.

Sunflowers are nature’s sacred geometric structure. They show you one example of how to structure your life. Join me in this free Zoom coaching session!

Structure Your Life

You can learn to structure your life. And (I feel): you must.
By nature, structure is not oppressive–it’s life-giving! We humans have given structure a bad name. Yet it’s essential to our creativity, our sanity, and our ability to follow our calling. I short, it’s central to every other good thing in our lives (she said, modestly).
I hope you’ll join me for this free coaching session where I will not so much present as demonstrate using questions from my live audience–you!
Here is the link to this event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8078675078

How to Join the Free Zoom Coaching Session

All are welcome. But if I don’t know you, you have to RSVP to prevent “Zoom-bombing.” Here is how I will know to let you out of my Zoom waiting room and into this event: RSVP in a comment to this post, through my contact form, or by email: bethraps@raisingclarity.com
Feel free to share this invitation! Bring it on, the more the merrier. We’ll have a structure-fest. This is only the beginning. So many folks need this!

Why to Structure Your Life

Everything alive needs structure. And you–you are very much alive. Imagine trying to communicate without grammar. For example, you want to say: “I want to eat your dog.” But there’s no particular order to your words, because you’re trying to communicate without grammar. So your words come out something like, “Eat I to want your dog.” Yes, it’s a weird sentence, but it’s much, much weirder without grammar’s ordering it for us in our minds without our really thinking about it too hard. We speak English, so we order the words in English grammatical order.
Your life is weird enough, right? It doesn’t need to get much weirder. Imagine if you took all the structure out of it…suddenly, anything could happen at any time–and it probably will.
Now you see that you are already operating within a structure.
But that structure is not working for you or you wouldn’t be reading this far in this post.

How to Structure Your Life (a teaser of what you’ll get in this session)

You should structure your life exactly like this:
[this space left blank intentionally]
That was meant to be funny. Some of my soul-colleagues want to know what I think they should do (still, even though they know me). I’m plenty opinionated, but one of my strongest-held opinions is that I’m not the expert in your life; you are.
So you should structure your life so it works for you.
I know: radical.
The contribution I offer is to say that you should do this and show you how if you tell me what you want more of or less of in your life.
It’s not that you have no idea how to structure your life. It’s that no one ever gave you “permission” to do it. And you have no idea how to structure for what you want more or less of in your life.
So come have fun with me. Share your life problems with me and I promise I won’t say anything useful except the thing that makes all the difference: how to structure so as to allow your problem to solve itself, leave your life, or be embedded in a larger structure that addresses it.

What Are You Talking About?

I know, I know, that may make no sense right now. Trust me, and come to this session. It won’t be recorded, because people clam up, justifiably, when you record them. And I don’t want that.
I speak structure, think in structure, and address problems structurally.
Join me?
  • Date: Thursday, March 17, 2022
  • Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm Eastern
  • Place: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8078675078
  • RSVP: Not needed, unless I don’t know you. (See instructions above.)
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