The Sun@Midnight: 2021 Holiday Gifts and Offerings!

The Sun@Midnight: 2021 Holiday Gifts and Offerings!

In the dark time, the sun at midnight, in Norway. Purples and pinks with a bright orange ray from the lit sky.

The sun at midnight!  Here are our 2021 holiday gifts and offerings to light the darkness proper to this time. Image by Julius on Wikimedia Commons of the Midnight Sun in Norway.

The Sun at Midnight: Our 2021 Holiday Gifts and Offerings

It’s the end of the calendar year. Respite. Celebration and merriment!

It’s also the Solstice of our Earth. The deepest, darkest time of year.

The Sun at Midnight. (Thanks, Rudolf Steiner).

The Pull Inward

I never understood, growing up, why I felt pulled within at this time of year. We are supposed to be pulled outward, right? Parties, lights, goodies, gifts, gatherings?

But sometimes it is all wayyy too much. (And sometimes it’s just right.) I trust you to figure out the outward pull on your own!

This post contains my offerings to honor your inward pull.

A Trio of 2021 Holiday Gifts and Offers

For Experienced Clients: A Discounted  Coaching Package

For soul-colleagues who have worked with me before (current, and past clients), I offer a discount of $1000 for six sessions, a 20% gift. Please email me to set this up or click here to contact me.

For New Clients or As a Gift to Others: Half Off First Session

For soul-colleagues with whom I’ve never worked one-on-one in a paid coaching session* OR for soul-colleagues who have experienced my work and want to share it with others: I offer a first session at half price, plus the free exploratory meeting I hold with everyone each time we open a new coaching container. This offer also applies to consulting sessions in fundraising or organizational moneycoaching. And I’ll happily create and send a beautiful gift certificate for each session you give to others. Email me to set this up or click here to contact me.

Free to Current Clients Only: (Re)Writing You Out Of Your Own Way

My newest offer combines my writing chops with the magic of my manifestation and intuitive clarity. I will rewrite, copyedit or otherwise polish a text of your choosing, free of charge. For best results, let it be a text you are struggling with and want to set free. “Textual healing” is what I call this. (Thanks, Marvin Gaye.) I’ve been doing it for a while now on behalf of soul-colleagues I know well. I want to do more of it!
To entice you to try me out, I will dive with joy into any text you send me, free of charge, a two-page maximum. I love deadlines, so please tell me when you want my response. I’m quick! Please email me to set this up or click here to contact me.

In other words:

let me help you get out of your own way with any writing of up to two pages in length, for example your
  • webpage
  • newsletter
  • article
  • resume/CV
  • cover letter
  • paid post or ad
  • call to action.
Questions? Email me or click here to contact me.

*We may have corresponded for years, we may have held an exploratory meeting, we may have been in group together, we may be old friends, but if you have never paid me for a 1:1 session, this offer applies to you.

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